Wilko is searching for the next top dog model to star on their packaging

Okay I have gone dog model mad, ahroo…whoooo! This one is just for dogs and your wagging face could be on Wilko’s new pet packaging. That means dogs from all over will see your smiling chops, when their peeps buy the treats with your face on it! I sure hope that you get to taste the treats that you might be the dog model for, I think that’s totally fair and a complete must!

Now the good people from Wilko sent me a very cute doggie basket to try out some of their popular products, just so I’d know what they are all about. And considering I’m a dog, I can only find out about stuff by sniff and by taste, so its fitting that I got my paws on the basket at once.

So I put on my wagging review collar and got down to work…

wilko dog basket and contest

My wagging gift basket came in a cute little ceramic bowl with:

  • Bathing wipes: Good after a muddy walk
  • Two meal pouches made with chicken, tuna, veggies, rice and beans. Sounds almost like one of my peeps homemade recipes.
  • A rubber squeaky toy shaped like a bone.
  • A football for chasing
  • Tender chicken fillet treats, my all time favorite!
  • Grooming brush, but we’ll pretend we didn’t see that!

Just so you know all of these doggie treats are available on the Wilko website, where you order a whole bunch pet products.

Taste Test

What can I say, except big puppy doggie eyes please! I just love chicken fillets, they’re a high protein treat and 97% fat-free. They are a great size for big dogs, or as I just found out, my peep cuts them in half for me. They stay fresh in their resealable bag, and my peep always keeps them in the fridge.


become a dog model with wilko

Now I’m a soft toy, rip its guts out and get the squeaky sort of dog. It’s my nature, and I have wagging fun trying to get my toy all ripped up before my peep has a chance to say “stop!”.

A good rubber toy stops me in my tracks and tend to stay well in tacked, they’re a good toy for me and my peep to play together with; She tosses, I chase and I then try to chew. They also always look really nice in my toy basket besides the rags that were once soft toys.

Staying Neat and Tidywilko dog treat contest

I think bathing wipes are a must for any dog owner. They’re perfect to keep in your car, good to throw in your paw-bag, when your out and about. They help clean your less than clean dog’s body without water, and these ones have a calming lavender fragrance that smells really nice. They’re also big and thick, so they work on your paws too.

Okay… The Contest!

It’s easy as a dog wagging its tail.

Head on over to Wilko’s Face book page by this link here and upload your dog’s paw-some photo!

Who know, I just might see you on my next pack of dog treats!