How To Provide Adequate Shelter For Your Pets Outside

best shelters for dogs

If you have a dog, or a few dogs, that you allow to roam in your backyard on their own, it’s your duty to give them adequate shelter, food, and water while they’re outside and not under your direct supervision. In addition to making sure that your backyard is perfectly secure and that your dogs will not run out onto your neighbours’ properties or into the street, you have to give them everything they need to feel comfortable and satisfied while they’re outside, especially if you let them outside during hot summer days or even cooler autumn or spring days. You should never leave your dogs’ go outside unattended during very cold winter days, especially if there’s snow and ice on the ground.

In order to provide your pets with adequate amounts of protection, you have to either purchase shelters or construct them. Remember, pets are family members too, so they deserve the best care possible. All of this hard work will be more than worthwhile.

Traditional Dog Houses

traditional dog houses for shelter

Traditional dog houses can be custom built by you or someone you hire, or you can purchase them pre-made. The great thing about purchasing a dog house that is already constructed is that it saves you a lot of time and potentially quite a bit of money as well. These dog houses are constructed using durable materials that will last a long time, and they also come in all shapes, sizes, and designs that your pup will absolutely love. During rainy or windy days, these little houses will provide shelter to your dogs, and you can put food and water dishes inside to keep them safe from the weather and from pests as well.

Outdoor Tents and Canopies

tents can be a good shelter for your pet

If you love hosting outdoor parties in the summer, these same tents can be kept up so that they can provide shelter to your dogs. They can run underneath them if it suddenly starts raining, or lie down in the shade provided by these tents during hot summer days. Again, you can put food and water bowls out, along with some toys, for your pup to enjoy as well. And the other great thing about outdoor tents that are easily and quickly installed in your own backyard is that you can use them, too, in order to spend some extra time with your dogs in the great outdoors.

Large Kennels

out door dog kennels for shelter

If you have several dogs, you may consider purchasing a large dog kennel that you can keep in your backyard, especially if they love getting really playful and out of hand and you need a place to control them before they go running out of your yard. These large kennels will protect them from the weather and are large enough for them to eat, play, and sleep in.

When it comes to pets that you let out into your yard on their own, you definitely want to give them safe places that they can go to. From kennels to dog houses and even canopies, make sure your pets are always comfortable and protected.


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