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The Stuff that good treats are made from…

My favorite thing to do when I meet new people besides greeting them with my best wagging tail, is to give them big fat kisses as well! So its important that my breath is fresh and clean, being the kiss bandit that I am.

Pepper from Pooch and MuttLucky for me Pepper from Pooch & Mutt had the perfect little treat that would keep my breath fresh and minty, perfect for my next kissing attack. She’s the brains behind a tasty range of all natural treats. Pepper, is no ordinary office dog. She has the official title of New Product Development Executive and she’s just barely a year old! Very impressive I’d say.

Pooch & Mutt treats

Pooch & Mutt treats use only natural ingredients and ensures that all production is as environmentally friendly as possible. In 2009 Pooch & Mutt was awarded ‘The Ethical Award’ from the Ethical Companies Organisation, part of The Good Shopping Guide.

Now Pepper has made a range of treats that  includes; Fresh Breath, Active Mobility, Brain & Train, Digestion & Wind, Calm & Relax, Puppy Development and Charity Chicken. Charity Chicken does not have specific benefits for the dog who eats it, but 10p from each tube goes to dog charities, to help other dogs get healthy. So you can see how busy she’s been.

We decided to try the Fresh Breath treats due to I can be a little picky when it comes to treats that contain mint. I’m more of the meaty treat type of dog.

Fresh Breath has a nice mix of natural ingredients and includes:

pooch & mutt treats

  • Chicken
  • Parsley
  • Peppermint oil
  • Chicory

All mixed up in with rice and oats, with no added sugar or salt. Parsley is an excellent source of chlorophyll, a natural deodoriser. The chicory is a natural prebiotic that can help with proper functioning of the digestive system. And the peppermint oil not only gives your breath a fresh scent perfect for kissing, but the oil also helps aid in digestion. Considering that these cute little bites are crunchy, they also help clean your teeth as you chew.

Taste Test

fresh breath treats by pooch and mutt

Okay, okay I’ve been sitting for days, at least it feels like I’ve been sitting for days. I can smell them and I know it’s a treat and my peep keeps shaking the tube, and I’m going nuts!

Awwww… finally! Oh, they’re good, I like them! They’re tiny little bites full of flavor and crunch! They also smell great right in the tube, kind of fresh and clean. If your owner is like my peep, they might even try one themselves! All I can say, get away from my treats peeps!

What did I think?…One more pleasepooch & mutt fresh breath treats

They best part about Fresh breath, is that they taste great, they’re also a cute little size, perfect for training or adding to a treat toy. Also if you’re lucky, you can have a few of them at a time due to they are small and only contain about 3 calories per treat, perfect for us dogs watching our waist line.


Bad Breath? Most often, canine bad breath is caused by dental or gum disease, and certain dogs — particularly small ones — are especially prone to plaque and tartar. However, persistent bad breath can also indicate larger medical problems and you should contact a vet if it persists. …. Resource: Web MD Pets

The Giveaway

One lucky dog winner will receive a tasty package of fresh breath (125 g, approximately 150 treats) from Pooch and Mutt and a tug toy.

How can you win? Easy! Just write-up a comment and you can get extra entries by using the Rafflecopter form!

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 20th of August 2013

One winner will be drawn at random.

Gather your pack of friends & family  Spread the word and give a howl. One entry per person.

What if I win? Winner will be notified and announced right here on the 21st of August 2013 at Wag The Dog UK!  Winner must provide name and mailing address so that we can ship you the prize.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

pooch and mutt treat giveaway

Check them out

Website: Pooch & Mutt

Location: London, UK

Can’t wait… and want your own pack of Pooch & Mutt treats now?

Disclosure: We would like to thank Pooch and Mutt  for supplying Fresh Breath for our giveaway and review for this post. All comments, views and options are strictly our own.

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