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puppy gift set

Puppy Love

Nothing brightens up my day more than a gift package just for me, in fact I’ve loved them so much that I decided to make my own for all my wagging friends to enjoy.

My Love Puppy Gift Set is just perfect when your looking for a stylish collar and lead set, made of black leather and a red interior adds just a peek of cool colour. The little red paw charms are just too paw cute. It’s perfect for a new addition to the family or a stylish set for your favorite pooch.


What do you get?

puppy gift set

  • A beautiful black leather collar with red interior and decorated with  cute little paw charms.
  • A matching lead, due to we just love matching style.
  • two all natural cotton toys. (perfect for chewing and ripping apart!)
  • A rubber squeaky toy shaped like a baby’s pacifier. If you have never seen your dog with one in his mouth, better grab your camera quick, due to it’s just to cute.
  • A munch chew stick to make your dog’s tail wag.

All wrapped up in a cute little wooden heart shaped tray and gift tag.

Fetch it now…from Wag N’ GO

Shop: Amazon UK

Location: London, UK


Price: £ 29.95

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