Don’t Get Ticked Off-Remove Ticks From Dogs With a Tick Lasso

how to remove a tick from your dog

When I was living in Hong Kong I loved wagging around ponds and streams to keep me cool. I also had a blast jumping in and out of bushes and tall grass with my other wagging mates when I was playing through the trails up in Victoria Peak.

However during Spring, it’s tick crazy in the hills of Hong Kong, they’re everywhere and jumped on me like crazy. At one time I had over nine ticks on me, I was a tri-colour tick covered beagle. They were on my back, belly, inside my ear,  under my legs, and two in between my toes. It was howling awful, and my poor peep was totally grossed out! Thankfully she carried a little tick removal tool and got to work right away and started moving them at once.

how to check for ticks on dogs


 What’s a Tick Lasso?

tick lasso

Well a tick lasso is a little device that helps to get those little suckers off you, the entire head and all. You see a tick has numerous barks around its suction organ which helps it to attach itself to you. I know it sounds awful, but that is what they do, they dig their evil little heads right in your skin and suck your blood!

The tick lasso, is a little tool that your peeps should have in your doggie first aid kit. With this handy remover tool, all you need to do is press the noose outward and place it over the tick as close to your dog’s skin as possible.

How to use:

  • Release the button and raise the remover
  • Rotate the remover with your fingers one turn.
  • Lift away the tick
  • Clean the bite area

Really simple to use, and the best part is that you don’t have to touch the tick at all. Just tap the green point gently against a solid object, such astick lasso for dogs a large rock. Then drown that tick in a small amount of rubbing alcohol to kill it!

That’s it! To keep your handy new tool clean, just disinfect it with alcohol and keep in a cool dry place.

What did I think about the Tick Lasso?

We’ve always had one and find it quiet easy to use. It worked well on the ticks in Hong Kong, and they are kinda small. It was easy to hold, like a pen and considering its long it was easy to use in my ears and between my toes. I would think it would help with long-haired dogs as well. It also felt good and strong and I was not worried about it breaking. The best part was the tick came out alive and intacted, so it minimized the risk of infection. Best part, due to I squirm, it was fast and didn’t hurt one bit!

Want one?

You can pick one up online at The Pet Medicine Company here in the UK

Disclosure: We would like to thank The Pet Medicine Company  for supplying the Tick Lasso for our review for this post. All comments, views and options are strictly our own.