Why Do You Want A Dog? -Check List

I really want a dog

I want a dog!

My peep was raised with dogs all her live and after she branched out on her own all she ever wanted was a dog.  However due to her work schedule she knew it would not be feasible to have a dog and give it the care that a dog would require on a daily basis. She waited a long time before she decided she was ready to get me, in fact she was almost

Cute Dog Puppy

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40 before I became part of her family. (tee-hee, she hates it when I tell people how old she is, considering I’m six you can guess that my peep is almost 7 in dog years!)

So before you start researching about breeds, or visit your local dog shelter, make sure your think real hard about why you want a dog. The more honest you are with yourself about why you think now is a good time to get a dog, the better it will be to pick out the right pet to bring home at the right time.

Why do you want a dog?Most of us dogs are loving companions, very tolerant and devoted. We can be your playful friend, an exercise pal and loyal listener, but for all things we can be, we do require from you a long-term responsibility. We have a life, opinions, and feelings as well and need your trust in keeping us warm, safe and fed. I think it’s a pretty good trade-off.

Checklist: Dog or Not Now…

good reasons on getting a dog

It’s basically common sense, it’s family planning and no dog ever wants to be an accident. There are plenty of good reasons for wanting a dog, we do make great company for active people who live alone, we can get you off the couch and out for a walk, we can even help you meet new people; Everyone loves talking to dog lovers.

So don’t be put off about getting a dog, just be realistic about your circumstances before hearing the patter of four little paws and pleading eyes waiting on you to take them out on a cold winter night.