Why Treat Dispenser Balls For Dogs Drive Me Crazy

treat ball dispenser
0kay who thought it was a great idea to put a bunch of tasty treats in a ball and then make a dog try to get them out? It drives me crazy! I don’t feel smarter or rewarded. What’s wrong with a little peep interaction, like the good old days. It was simple and we still learned new things this way and we loved the full attention and bonding we received from you. It was fun, it was simple and I also got the hear my favorite words (after treat, of course), good girl!

how to give your dog a treatBut no, not these days, today we get a wide range of toys to make us work, think and entertain us and our peeps are eager to buy them for us too. I have to admit,  I love my stuff-able Kong, especially when it’s  filled with treats and peanut butter. I’ll toss my little Kong around and I’m an expert on getting all the goodies inside.

So when my peep bought me a treat dispenser ball,  I thought, hey this is going to be great. It was simple and not too expensive and it was big. It was so big, I started dreaming of all the treats it could hold. I have to admit, I was intrigued, being the beagle that I am, anything new in the house, I always like to check it out and see what potential it has as a toy for me to play with, so bring it on peep!

Well the treat ball sounds good:

  • It mixes treats and exercise for a fun dog toy that keeps your pet in shape. (Why not a walk with treats?)
  • Randomly dispenses treats while your dog plays with it. (really? My treat ball randomly drove me nuts!)
  • The top is easy to remove for easy fill-up and cleaning. (sure if you have thumbs!)

do dogs like treat ballsYada, yada, howls and woofs, I get it, this toy makes us work for our treats in a challenging way. It’s suppose to mentally and physically stimulates  us dogs by appealing to our natural prey and stalking drives.

Well I guess I can agree with that, when my peep filled my ball up and gave it to me, I was at first very excited (mentally) and I got right down to “work” getting those treats out!

Whew, it was very physically channeling and it drove me mental! I did have to rely on my natural prey and stalking drive, and proceeded to rip the lid off and receive all the treats at once. I also chewed the lid completely so that it would never fit into the ball again! Now that’s using my beagle smarts, so I guess this new toy did show my peep what a clever beagle I am! Problem solved!

What do you think of treat dispenser balls? Do you like them?