Natural Healing Modalities That Work For Pets

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As more pet parents become aware of the adverse side effects of conventional medications and vaccinations that are used to treat a variety of conditions, the world of holistic veterinary medicine is becoming increasing popular.

natural healing for pets But what a lot of people do not realize about holistic medicine is that it encompasses a variety of different natural healing modalities rather than sticking to just one method of curing disease. Continue reading to learn about some of the natural methods of healing pets that actually work.

Homeopathic Medicine

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Homeopathic remedies follow the idea that you could give a diluted version of a medicine that would otherwise cause the same symptoms to occur as those that the animal is suffering from. For example, a remedy that would normally cause urinary tract problems is diluted to the point that it can be given to a cat suffering with urinary tract conditions, and the remedy will actually work to cure the illness rather than make it worse. When it comes to homeopathic remedies however, the entire constitution of the animal needs to be taken into consideration, so your vet will ask you questions about your pet’s overall behavior and preferences in order to find the perfect remedy.

Herbal Medicine

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Another option that pet parents have when it comes to the medications they can give to their animals is herbal remedies. These are completely natural, but some do come with their own set of side effects, so you have to work under the direction of a trained holistic vet to really know what remedies are best to give in your pet’s unique situation. Herbs work to help the body heal itself, and they can be administered both internally and externally to heal everything from skin problems and infections to respiratory ailments and musculoskeletal conditions.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture

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Believe it or not, pets can be brought to a veterinarian for chiropractic adjustments as well as acupuncture. These methods are used to heal a large variety of ailments, not just those related to the bones and muscles. Pets who receive acupuncture treatments actually stay still and calm throughout the entire procedure, and their guardians note a positive difference in the way that they behave and feel after these treatments.

Nutritional Support

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You would probably be surprised to learn about the very poor quality ingredients found in conventional pet foods, but once you do, you will never want to go back to feeding your pet these foods, which lead to a host of acute and chronic health issues. Pet nutritionists are becoming increasingly popular because they can help individuals cater a diet to suit their specific animal’s needs. Using the right foods and supplements, an animal can be brought back to health. 

With so many different natural healing modalities to choose from for your pets, you no longer have to rely solely upon Western medicine to bring your pets back into a state of health. Instead, you can use the best of both worlds to keep your pets happy and healthy.

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The author of this post, Penny Stark, is an employee at Pond Point, an animal hospital based in Connecticut. She takes great pride in helping people and assists many social service groups in her vicinity during her leisure time.