Review: Bite This Book – A Tail For Your Dog

Bite This Book review

For the last couple of weeks before I went to sleep at night, my peep has been reading to me stories from Bite This Book. It’s a book written by Juve (pronouced hoo’ vee) , his wagging mates and with a little help from his peep Lony Ruhmann.

It all started when Juve was a very sick little puppy with distemper. Luckily he survived his terrible illness thanks to the love and care of his peep. In fact Ruhmann spent many days talking to Juve, telling him that he was loved and encouraging him to get better.

This little book of poems is intended for one to read to your dogs. Now you might think that could be a little strange, but I really recommend that you try it. I gave my full attention to Trina while she read to me and I also threw in a few head tilts to make her smile. it’s a wonderful way to spend some time with your dog and have a little one-on-one bonding time, I recommend it highly.

About The Book

The vignettes in Bite this Book are primarily Juve’s stories and his words about his love of life. They tell the tales of what’s in the mind of a dog, like how happy we are on our daily walks, treats are yummy, thoughts about baths, and a little think about squirrels. My favorite poem was the one about food of course!

My thoughts

If you ever wondered what your dog is thinking and how he sees the world, this little book will definitely put a smile on your face. The illustrations by Pritali Joharapurkar are beautiful, colourful and fun. While my peep read to me, I usually stretched out and felt wonderfully relaxed. Ever so often as Trina gave me a little belly rub I could not help myself but smile. I could tell she really enjoyed our nighttime bond.

Bite This Book is not just for dogs, in fact it would be perfect to share with small children, especially ones who are wishing for a dog. I could picture a cozy Autumn day, snuggled in with your child and sharing these wagging dog thoughts while viewing the beautiful illustrations. I think it would be a wonderful introduction to kids about how a dog lives, feels, thinks and loves. It’s a dog wagging view of the world.

Check Them outBite this book by Lony Muhmann and Luvy

Website: Bite This Book

Author: Lony Ruhmann
Cover Design: Lisa Siegel
Illustrations: Pritali Joharapurkar


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