Have a business? Why Getting A Dog Makes Business Sense For Success !

how to work with a dog

A dog as a business partner? You bet! Getting a dog as a business partner just might be the cleverest trick in keeping you focused on your job in a successful and healthy manner. A dog as the CEO will bring you common dog sense and keep your grounded and just might be one of the smartest choices that you made in regards to your business. Besides that, dogs are:

  • Loyal
  • Good Listeners
  • Think you’re genius!

We can offer you excellent management skills as well.

If you’re anything like my peep, when it comes to running your business, you’re probably attached to your computer key board, just as I’m attached to my wagging tail. Now considering I’m not a technical dog, I do need my peep at the computer to transcribe my posts, reviews, and photos. I also need her to reach out to people to help grow our business, (due to my English is not so great, and some people just don’t get doggie body language). However if I let her concentrate only on the business at paw, hand, she would never see the light of day.

I know it’s hard to start and run a business, however if you don’t have common dog sense in taking care of yourself, you can get really exhausted, stressed and could make business mistakes.

So as CEO dog of Wag The Dog UK and founder of our new product the Wag N Go travel bag, I have set a healthy schedule that can give my peep all the empowerment she needs to grow our business.

getting a dog can make you feel creative while walking

The most important thing I do

I take Trina out for walks twice a day. Considering she works at home, she is always at the computer, hands on key board, hunched back, and eyes directed at the screen like it’s a giant treat. If it wasn’t for the walks, she’d be there all day, which isn’t healthy and not good for our business.

The walks give her the exercise that she needs, and she always feels refreshed and ready to rumble on the next challenge when we get back home. I know she loves these walks, due to our walks become her “thinking and idea time”

When we’re on the Commons, and I’m off lead, I can see her watching me, the surroundings and enjoying the time we’re having away from the computer. It’s her creative time, where she just enjoys thinking about new ideas, solutions to problems and imagining new things to do. I’d say this is the time when she gets her best ideas, and it puts a smile on both of our faces.

Anyone who works at home alone knows that it can get you a little stressed, when you’re the boss, staff, IT, PR, Advertiser and media producer. It’s a lot to do on a daily basis to move your business forward and there is no one there to support you. I love the passion and know that you’re keen on making our business work. In fact it reminds me of my own passion when it comes to sneaking a treat!

Again, this is when having a dog at work, can really make a difference. I make sure she is not alone and I know that when she looks over at me it helps calm her down. I like to sleep in my crate in the corner of the office, so that I can keep an eye on her and she can feel content that I am there. I also sometimes break up her day too by either bringing a toy over for play, or to remind her that it’s treat time.

We’re an excellent team, she keeps the day-to-day business going, and I as the CEO of the business likes to keep my business partner happy, healthy and content. Isn’t that what the best companies do? A happy employee is a creative and productive employee.

So fellow working dogs, what do you do to help your peeps have a successful work day?