Wordless Wednesday – Dog Toy Tester

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Dog Toy Tester

As a dog, I think it’s always important to find the squeaky! So when we received a package of plush toys for our gift boxes, I thought it would be important to make sure all of them had a squeaky.

boxing up dog toysdog toyI decided to test out these funny faced rope toys….just to make sure they were in good working order. It was the least I could do to help my peep. There is nothing worse than a toy with no squeak.

dog toy testerIt took me about two minutes to find the squeaky. I think that might be my best time yet!
It takes a lot of work as a dog toy tester
I am happy to say all of the funny face toys had squeakers. But woof, it’s hard work being a dog toy tester!

How fast can you rip up your toys?