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Letting People Know That My Dog House is Open

As a new business here in Great Britain, I’m always trying to sniff out new places that I can list my products and tell people about my company. Most importantly I want places that feature great companies right here in my own back yard. is a new way for manufacturers, companies and individuals selling items that are made in GB to advertise their products to interested home and foreign buyers through their new online directory and with lots more services coming soon!

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About Buy From GB

Buy From GB is a website that promotes products manufactured and sold in Great Britain to the U.K  & overseas buyers, hopefully in turn generating some more sales for your company.

They have over 20 years experience in the freight industry and believe there has never been a positive & easy to use platform for Great Britain companies to interact with potential foreign buyers of Great British products for exporting overseas.

They want to show that dealing with foreign buyers can be a lot easier than you think and they want to help you on how to connect with overseas buyers by supplying as much information as possible to show you how easy it really is !

They truly believe that there are thousands of excellent products all made here in Great Britain that deserve a much wider base for potential sales and I couldn’t agree more!

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What Do I think?

Well I’ve noticed there are loads of places in the United States where you can list, promote and market your new company or product, and being an American dog in London I’ve found them easy to find while wagging around the Interwebs. My goal however was to find excellent sites that would do the same here on the other side of the pond. When I found Buy From GB, I have to say my tail started to wag and I wanted to check them out and see what they we’re all about.

The things I really liked about their business:

  • Easy to Navigate Website
  • Loads of Categories so you can list perfectly
  • They have a section where you can feature your company
  • A blog and forum to ask questions about exporting, business info, etc
  • Very easy to submit a site for free

The company just started in April of this year and I think it’s a great place to get yourself listed as a company in the U.K. Being new on the site, I’m looking forward to seeing how they grow and how my listing grows in exposure as the site gets more and more popular!

 Check Them Out

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