Support Adoption For Pets – Helping Abandoned Animals Across The UK

Support Adoption For Pets – Helping Abandoned Animals Across The UK

Support Adoption For Pets has one passionate aim, to provide abandoned and unwanted pets with a second chance at happiness.

Last year, Support Adoption For Pets raised £2 million to help rescue centres across the country, provide abandoned animals with shelter and the chance of a new and happy life by providing a financial lifeline when they have needed it the most.

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So far this year the charity has raised £832,256 to help support rehoming centres and the animals in their care all over the UK. The Spring Fundraising Drive exceeded all expectations as it raised over £300,000 for this excellent cause.

It is hoped that this luck will continue with the October Fundraising Drive which launched on the 2nd October across the UK. The animal fundraising event, like any set up by Support Adoption For Pets, will take place in Pets at Home store, with the stores being able to nominate up to two of their two favourite local rehoming centres to donate to. By doing this the charity can ensure that even the smallest local rescue charities have the chance to benefit from the generosity of Pets at Home’s customers.

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Support Adoption For Pets is aiming for this to be their biggest fundraising event yet, with amazing raffle prizes – including a £13k car – and they have a whole range of other surprises up their sleeve to encourage the public to get donating!

The charity supports a wide variety of animal charities across the country already, donating grants to help the rehoming centres continue to look after animals in need. Charities such as the Mayflower Sanctuary, which rehomed over 350 dogs and 120 cats over the past year, and Give A Greyhound A Home (G.A.G.A.H.) , the animal charity which specialises in greyhounds that received a fantastic £7,000 donation from Support Adoption For Pets.

If you represent an animal rescue centre or rehoming shelter and want to benefit from the support of Support Adoption For Pets, then you can sign up to become one of their partners or even apply for a grant via their website. Or you can become one of the many animal rescue centres on their extensive register, helping people across the UK to find their own local rehoming charities and give animals in need a new home!