Make Bath Time Wag Cool – With Scrubba Scrubba by Pet Head

pet head scrubba bath mitt

Oh yes you are hearing it right from the beagle howl! A product that I actually think is wag cool, even if it has to do with bath time.

Now if you have been following my blog, you’ll know I am no fan of the bath, it’s just something I find unnecessary, especially after I’ve rolled around in something smelly to mask my doggie scent. Why on earth would I want that washed down the drain?

Any paw, my peep does not feel the same way, and will actually banish me from the bedroom, the furniture and even my comfy crate if I saunter on back to the house full of goo! (and yes it is a proud beagle saunter!)

scrubba bath mitt by pet head

What’s a Scrubba Scrubba by Pet Head?

Well it’s a massaging bath mitt, and what dog doesn’t like being massaged?  It gives you this wonderful massage that lathers up your shampoo through your coat. It also helps to remove excess loose fur. The massaging mitt has three different sections that helps get the bathing job done fast! (Always a good thing!)

  • The front part of the mitt is an absorbent microfiber that’s perfect for scrubbing.
  • The other side of the mitt has these little rubber massaging bristles that really gets the lather into your coat and feels really nice.
  • In the middle of the those bristles is little reservoir to put  your favorite shampoo in, we used Pet Head’s No Tears.

The Wrist strap is adjustable so it fits nicely on your peep’s hand, and there is a little hanging loop to hang it up to dry.

The best part about The Pet Head Mitt is that you can use it dry as well, perfect when you’re looking for a nice massage and a tidy coat.

Check it Out

We loved so much we added it to our Wag N’ Scrub doggie Bath Kit

Hey dogs, do you like bath time? Tell me what you think!