How To Choose Your Next Kennel For Your Puppy

Buying a dog kennel can take plenty of consideration and head scratching. Initially, dog kennels may all look the same aside from the size and the design. However, there are a number of things that need to be considered and come into play when choosing a kennel for your puppy or dog.

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If you have a puppy the first thing you should do before buying a kennel is research the dog and find out about the specific breeds size capabilities. You need to know how large the dog is going to get and the space that they’ll need for sleeping and if you need, for a run too. Always add a little more just to be safe and to ensure the comfort of the animal.

The Breed

Some animals are a lot stronger and far more aggressive than others and so you need to choose a dog kennel that’s substantial enough to hold the dog in when it’s pushing its boundaries and prevent it from escaping. If you are choosing a dog run it’s good to know that 5cm bar panels are stronger than the sparser 5cm or 8cm spacing option and this may be a good call if you have a larger breed.


Try and place the kennel in a comfortable place, out of the way of the elements to as much of a degree as possible. Choosing a sheltered position will prevent the dog feeling miserable. If you can deciding on a place that faces people and activity also helps as dogs love company.

dogs can jump over kennels


Dogs like to jump and some can jump four or five feet in the air. So, if choosing a topless dog run try and ensure it’s at least six feet high if you have a larger dog.


The length of time you use and the times when you use a kennel will dictate the amount you spend on the kennel and how much it costs. If you use it sporadically lower priced options are fine. However, if the kennel is for use in winter and requires insulation then it will cost more. In addition, if you only are using a dog run now and again and need it to be portable you may be able to get a lower costing one. However, if you need something stronger, prepare to pay more.

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The Heat

Heat can take its toll on dogs and so a covering is certainly a necessity for the dog. This can be bought with the kennel and run or added by you. Canvas or roofing panels are low cost solutions and work well.


Kennels should be placed on a flat area of ground and a lot of people prefer to place the kennel and dog run on a patio or concrete slab with a slight incline away from the kennel to keep rain water at bay. Certainly consider this during kennel placement.


Dogs and dog kennels need to be cleaned now and again and though wood is the traditional option for a kennel it’s not the cleanest. Consider plastic covered surfaces that are easy to wipe down and clean when looking for the sleeping area. Cleaner kennels tend to mean healthier dogs. Raised sleeping areas are also a good idea as they prevent health issues caused by cold floors such as arthritis and other problems. This bedding should also be easily cleaned too.

These tips should help you when choosing a kennel and ensure that you get the most suitable kennel for your dog and that it’s safe, comfortable and easy to keep clean.


By KennelStore

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