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I love auctions and this is a great one for dogs and dog lovers alike and I know you’ll want to be apart of the fun and bid on an amazing prize. The timing is just perfect if you’re looking for a sweet Christmas gift and do good at the same time. It’s for a great cause and will help raise funds for dogs in need while they wait for their forever homes.

So paw  on over and check out all the treats that they have and bid on your favorite item, it’s as easy as a tail wag!

wonky winter auction for dogsHope Rescue’s Wonky Winter Auction

Wonky Dogs need help and have  huge vets bills totalling £7,500 which Hope Rescue is facing. Hope Rescue is very proud of their intake policy and commit to take ALL the strays from two Local Authority pounds, irrespective of breed, age or condition. They don’t “cherry pick” the dogs they help, or turn away dogs that need treatment before being re-homed.

How to Bid?

Hope Rescues Wonky Winter Auction starts on Friday 8th November @ 8:00pm and will close on Sunday 17th November @ 9:00pm.
Besides the Wag N’ Fun box, they also have some fantastic lots up for grabs including short breaks, pet portraits and beautiful unique gifts.

The auction is now up and available for viewing here on their Hope Rescue fundraising Facebook Page

Bid Now!

To find out more on how the auction works click here

About Hope Rescue

Hope Rescue charity dogs

 Hope Rescue is a registered charity helping stray dogs in local authority pounds across the U.K. The majority of dogs that they help are facing euthanasia after completing their statutory 7 days in the pound. At the moment there is an unprecedented demand for their services, and they have over 70 dogs in their car at any one time. They also recently seen a dramatic rise in the amount of dogs needing expensive vet treatment as owners are surrendering or abandoning their dogs when the can’t afford the bills.

Hope Rescue is completely self funded and run almost entirely by volunteers. One of the many on-line fundraising events that they organise is an on-line auction and Wag The Dog UK and Wag N Go are helping by donating our Wag N’ Fun Box for dogs as one of the items you can bid for to help raise funds.