Mobile Pet Training Apps – How To Prevent Accidents With Well Behaved Pets

mobile training apps

Who would have though that mobile technology would be useful not only to humans but for cats and dogs as well? Today you can find apps that can help you manage and train your pet cat or dog with a simple touch of the screen. As long as you have an Android, iPhone or Blackberry, you can download these  apps and utilize them as your pet training tools.


mobile clicker app for dogsThe Clicker

This is a training app that is used to indicate good behavior for your pet and treats are given every time a clicking sound is made. This must be repeated so your pet will learn what to expect. You can start with plenty of patience as you teach it to follow your instructions and then click along with a treat. Once it gets the hang of it, you can then start training using commands.

The Dog Whistler App

Not all of us have the talent of whistling and those who do know how to whistle cannot create the type of high frequency whistle that only dogs can hear. This app on the other hand, can provide you with different whistle frequencies to train your dog to follow you. All you need to do is select the best frequency that works for your pet. The highest frequency will definitely get the attention of dogs and also keep pesky mosquitoes at bay.

Dog Training Talk And Sound Appdog training mobile app

If you are desperate to get rid of the annoying behavior of your pet, this app is the best training tool to use. The sounds can teach dogs to calm down and behave properly in noisy environments, which is crucial for obedience training. Utilize this app by practicing with your pet and give it a treat whenever it obeys you. It will also train your pet to socialize in order to prevent unwanted accidents that can lead you to expensive lawsuits and medical expenses. According to Bob M. Cohen & Associates, experts in personal injury law in Los Angeles say that “If an animal has bitten you, then its owner, caretaker, or their insurer may owe you for your injuries.” Dogs that are left untrained and do not know how to obey their owners can inflict serious injuries on other people. Sadly, you will be held responsible for the actions of your pet and it may be taken away from you.

Daily / Routine Planner App

Obedient and well trained dogs know how to stick to a daily routine. You will need to walk, groom, feed, train and play with your pet every day without fail. It can be quit tiresome to successfully maintain this routine, but this app will certainly help you get everything done by setting task lists and alarms.

Spending On My Dog App

spending on my dog mobile app

Caring for pets is not cheap and you will want to be able to keep track of all your expenses. This app can help you manage your pet’s toy allowance, accessories, food, health care, grooming needs and other professional pet services. All the data is stored in the app and can be viewed as a chart or a spreadsheet.

Pet Reference Apps

There is a variety of apps that help pet owners learn more about cat and dog breeds. As such those who do not own a pet, can utilize this app to determine what type of cat or dog breed is suited for their needs and home.


Valerie Jones is a freelance writer specializing in animal care and personal injury cases. She also offers information about the various apps and devices that can be used to manage pets and the legal consequences caused by irresponsible pet ownership.