Keep Your Dog Happy This Christmas with these Pet Friendly Tips

Pet friendly tips for Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time for the whole family; however, you may have one family member who may not enjoy it quite as much as the rest of you. The holiday period can be an overwhelming and even potentially dangerous time of year for your dog, so it may be a good idea to take some measures to make sure that your dog enjoys the festivities with you and stays out of harm’s way.

Christmas tips for dogs

Pet Friendly Christmas Tips

Keep an eye on what they eat

It’s the time of year where we all like to indulge ourselves, but many of the festive foods we’ll be consuming can be really dangerous for your dog, so make sure you are clued up on what human treats your pet can and can’t eat. Some of the worst things include chocolate and raisins, so avoid giving him a piece of the Christmas cake. Instead, treat him to a good dog food from suppliers like Vet Medic, and he’ll soon leave your selection box alone.

Make sure they have a quiet space to relaxpet friendly tips for dogs in a box

Christmas can be an overwhelming time for man’s best friend, as although they are generally sociable animals, the sheer volume of visitors the holiday brings may alarm them. They may get over excited or even scared, so it’s important for them to have somewhere quiet and peaceful where they can relax away from the noise and commotion. Maybe move their dog bed if it’s usually kept in an area that will be a high communal point during the celebrations.

Invest in a reflective collar

Road traffic accidents greatly increase at this time of year, so it may be wise to buy a reflective collar for your dog when you are out and about together, or in case it gets out into the road when greeting guests. These can literally be a lifesaver for your dog, as they will allow motorists to see them as they step into the road.

Ensure your dog is always warm

xmas tips for dogsTemperature during Christmas will always be very low, and whilst you and your family concentrate on wrapping up and getting cosy, it’s essential that you help your dog to remain warm as well. Reducing the time they spend outside can be helpful, and you could even buy your dog a coat if it has very short fur, or if it is very small.

Keep harmful things out of reach

Dogs will be very attracted to the bright and colourful Christmas decorations, but it’s vital that they don’t get the chance to play with them. Baubles, tinsel and lights are all potentially really dangerous, so make sure your pet is supervised when around the tree. Also, if you have a real Christmas tree, make sure you clean up the dropped pine needles regularly, as it can be fatal if your dog eats them. You could even look into getting a mini fence around your tree.

Supervise your dog’s interaction with children

Dogs are very popular with children, and vice versa, and as it is the season of socialising, they will more than likely come into contact with one another. However, it’s important for the safety of both if interactions are supervised, no matter how mature the child is, or how gentle the dog is.

With these pet friendly tips in mind everyone including your furry friend can enjoy a festive holiday season.