Pets, Portraits & Bridget Davey- Pet-Grapher Extraordinaire

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Pets, Portraits & Bridget Davey Photography

Bridget Davey is a portrait photographer based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom whose work shows her subjects in a fresh, relaxed, and honest way. While she photographs people and pets alike, it’s the dog portraits I love the most!

Having my blog, I’ve been lucky to team up with a lot of great pet professionals, visit there sites, chat with them on Bridget photography and dogsTwitter and watch what they share on Facebook. Bridget’s work really stood out and we liked what we saw. Her photos where bright, crisp and natural, something that just spoke “good-looking pet”  Also as an added bonus she has two beagles named Porthos and Lucy and they are very wag cool pups with amazing photos all over her Facebook page. So you just know she knows about dogs!

In fact when I first moved to London, I was lucky enough that my peep booked a session with Bridget. You see even though my peep takes photos of me all the time, she wanted something professional, unique and really capture by beagle good looks.

So after my photo shoot I sat down with Bridget over a couple of biscuits and asked her a few questions…

What inspired you to start doing pet portraits?

My own dogs inspired me to start taking Pet Portraits. Capturing how they explored and how they see the world as puppies and as big dogs. I want to create a lasting memory of our pets, companions and best friends, this is what is driving me and my work.

How long does a session take?

A session last between 60 and 90 min, but there is no time pressure. Some dogs are very natural with a camera around them but some dogs are shy at first meeting a new person. In this case sessions can last a bit longer as I need to create a relationship between us and the dog needs to know he can trust me.

Is very important in my job to bring lots of patience to the session. I love all my furry clients and love to get kissed and I give unlimited tummy rubs and tasty treats which always break the ice.

Well Bridget, I can sure vouch for that, I loved your treats and the tummy and ear rubs where terrific! I felt very profession on my photo shoot, just like a mini celebrity in London. And everyone knows that I’m not shy, but you did make me feel very comfortable and special!

What’s your best advice on owing a dog?

Be patient and give all the love you can give. A dog loves you unconditional and wants to please you. Teach your dog what is right and wrong and don’t shout at them because they did a wee in the house or chewed your shoes and reward them for doing things right.

What tips do you have with traveling with dogs?

Make sure your dog has a safe space in the car and you have lots of breaks during the trip. Our dogs love to go in the car and travel but some dogs are not so sure about it. Start with short journeys and reward them. If your pet is getting sick during travelling make sure to check back with your vet for tips.

Great advice Bridget and thank you for giving us a little peek about you and your work. We look forward to seeing you soon, even know we know your busy snapping our furry friends.

My thoughts?

Well I think she was paw-tastic and very wag cool! Loved the photos, there were so many to choose from and we would love to have them all! She’s great with dogs, friendly to work with and the best part is you come away from such an enjoyable day and wonderful photos to cherish.

Here are a few of our favorites, have  a peek and tell me what you think!

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