Review -Green Slow Feeder – Gets The Tail Wagging & Thinking

Green slow feeder

Anything that involves treats is always a winner for me, so when Company of Animals sent over the Green Slow Feeder for me to try out I was all wags. I really did not know what they meant when they said slow, I’m a beagle, and I can promise you, I can gobble a treat faster that you can give them to me!

What’s a Green Slow Feeder?

well it’s a stylish feeder designed to look like a sculpture of a tuft of grass, and it looks really wag cool. To use it all your peep has to do is to scatter some of your treats or even your dinner across the Green Slow Feeder then sit back and  watch their dog get all excited (I sure did!) as he tries pushing out his tasty treats  between the blades of grass.

The Green Slow feeder was inspired by the feeding patterns of wild dogs and keeps your dog’s mind active and prolongs meal times with a fun way to get your tasty bits.

  • Encourages your pooch to slow down and work harder for his food.
  • Can stop boredom and unwanted behaviours such as chewing.
  • slows down eating time which help reduce the risk of bloat, vomiting, gagging, gas and belching.

Treat Gobble Master Vs. Green Slow Feedergreen slow feeds vs treat master

I have admit, having a job such as reviewing products that involve treats, must be the best job in the world. I couldn’t wait to show my peep that I’d be clever enough to get my favorite treats and I’d do it quickly too!

I have to admit, it was a little tricky, but it didn’t deter me one bit. In fact it was fun trying to get the treats through the blades of green, and I felt very smart too! I used my tongue and sometimes my paw to navigate those tasty little treats to the edge of the feeder and then gobbled them up one by one.

My peep loved how it worked. She gave me 5 treats and it actually took more that the usual 5 seconds to gobble them down. It kept me so entertained that she could actually go and answer a few emails while I navigated myself around the Green Slow Feeder. After I was done, she just rinsed it out and let it dry upside down.

Check me out

(we sped up the video due to the slow feeder does just what it says!)

What Did I think?

I liked it a lot, and I love when my peep brings in down from the counter, I get all bouncing and all excited. I really think I appreciate the treats more too! So if your looking for something to keep your dog entertained or help in slowing down his eating, this Green feeder sure does the trick

Disclosure: We would like to thank The Company of Animals  for supplying the Green Slow Feeder for our review for this post. All comments, views and options are strictly our own.