Review: Bionic Biotic -keeping You Healthy On The Inside

So the good dogs at Pooch & Mutt sent me their Bionic Biotic concentrate for me to try out and see what I thought about it. As you guys know my peep cooks my meals for me and adds a little kibble to make sure I get all the good stuff that will keep me a healthy and happy go luck beagle. She also gets concerned during the winter months, when sometimes my skin can get a little itchy due to the dryness in the house and this year she wanted to make sure it would not happen.

review of bionic bioticThe package that we received was 200g of powder that you just mix into your food at meal times.  Considering I weigh 11 kg, my peep gave me a 3/4 teaspoon in the morning with my breakfast and another at dinner time. This was recommended by Pooch & Mutt and they give you a chart right on the back to see what the right amount is good  for you by your weight. Our package lasted just a little over a month.

A single pack cost £9.99, but you buy in bulk to get a better price. And never fear American dogs, you can buy it too for $15.99 via their US website.

What does Bionic Biotic do?

  • Makes skin healthy, stops itching and redness.
  • Good looking healthy coat.
  • Makes you poo easy to pick up!
  • Keeps your digestion healthy

How does it taste?

Taste? I have no idea, I just gobbled down my food as usual.

What’s it made of?

Bionic Biotic contains the only EU-approved probiotic for doggie use. Probiotic promotes the optimum levels of ‘friendly bacteria’ in the gut, which allows the digestive system to work properly, helping a dog to retain more nutrients from their food and to excrete more toxins.

It also contains a whole bunch of goodness that also helps to keep us healthy, check it out on the Pooch & Mutt Website for details.


bionic biotic ingredients

What do I think?

Well it works for me, my coat is shiny, my poo has been a very nice pick up for my peep, nothing squishy if you know what I mean. I’ve also been getting lots of complements on how soft my coat is and I’ve been getting a lot of rubs. The best part, I don’t notice it in my food, and I think that is a real good thing.

Check them out

Website: Pooch & Mutt

Location: London, UK

Ring, Ring: 0844 247 21220844 247 2122 (24hr UK Order line)


Disclosure: We would like to thank Pooch and Mutt  for supplying Bionic Biotic for our review for this post. All comments, views and options are strictly our own.