Puppy Exercise – How Much, How Soon and Common Sense

puppy exercise

There is always a lot of confusion around whether or not it’s safe for a pup to have strenuous exercise. Puppies exercise at full steam, but tire out much faster than adult dogs.

In fact many veterinarians issue warnings against long walks with any puppy under a year old. However there are other vets that say a puppy over six months can be exercised until physically tired.

puppy exercise

Puppies need exercise for all the same reasons that dogs do. A properly exercised puppy is less likely to chew your furniture, dig holes, or develop bad behaviors. Play and exercise gives your puppy the best of both worlds and deepens the bond with their peep.

So how do know how much and when to start exercising your new pup?

Well the very best person to ask, if you have a pedigreed-pup, is to ask his breeder. The breeder will know all about your puppy and

Running puppy

(Photo credit: AntonPree)

will offer you great tips on what is best. Different breeds have different exercising requirements. For example, allowing a dachshund to climb or jump can cause problems to their long backs.

However regardless of your puppy’s breed, use your common sense and, after your puppy has finished their first course of vaccinations and your vet tells you it’s now safe to have your puppy out is a good time to start training, socializing and exercising your puppy.

Start with short walks and build up to longer walks gradually. Keep an eye on your puppy, and if you start to see her enthusiasm drop, it’s a good sign to start to head home.

Good puppy Exercise

A female Boxer puppy.

A female Boxer puppy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Allow your very young puppy to play outdoors in your own garden. It’s good for even small puppies to experience different smells and textures. If you don’t have a garden, try to find a quiet place at your local park away from other dogs and people and play with your pup while she is on her lead.

remember though sniffing in the garden doesn’t equal to exercise unless your dog is playing or running around.

It’s okay to let your puppy play until she is tired, but if she falls asleep, leave her to nap until she wakes up naturally. All puppies have sudden spurts of crazy energy, mixed by periods of rest time.

Enroll your puppy in a puppy kindergarten class. A perfect way to learn new behaviors, socialize and expel that pent up energy.


Encourage your puppy to do a lot of jumping or leaping. Over-exertion can damage developing joints and ligaments.

Dachshund Puppy

Dachshund Puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let your puppy climb endlessly up and down stairs or on and off the sofa, for the same reasons.


If your going to be out of the house, always remember to bring  water and a portable bowl for your puppy and offer water regularly. Puppies can become dehydrated without very much warning, and it’s a condition that can be dangerous.