Dog In The Kitchen -A Wag Cool Dog Cookbook With Healthy Meals

dog in the kitchen cookbook

I have been enjoying home cooked meals since I was just a pup and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Eating fresh ingredients and having a good variety has made meal time just paw-some. In fact my vet has approved my menu and finds my coat shiny, my eyes bright and I’m always full of energy.

If you ever considered cooking for your dog, but not sure where to start, I might just have the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to understanding how to prepare a healthy meal for your dog.

While I was wagging around Kickstarter I found an amazing project that would be perfect for anyone thinking of starting to cook for their dog. First of all this is not your usual dog cookbook, Barbara has built a team to make a book that is beautiful and has the answers about cooking for a dog.

dog cook book

What I like about this dog cookbook

The book is written by Barbara Berkowitz who spent over twenty-five years studying and preparing the tastiest, but more importantly, most balanced diet for dogs.  She’s also dog passionate and forward thinking and really took the time to make a book that not only gives you great recipes to try, it also answers the questions on how to tailor it for your dog’s needs.

Dog In The Kitchen is beautifully designed and Illustrated and will help all dog lovers prepare simple, healthy and balanced meals for their beloved 4 legged friends.

The best part about this book is it is going to be a limited collector’s edition, featuring cover art by famed artist and fellow dog lover, David Edward Byrd who was  the senior illustrator on the Harry Potter films.

Most people agree, a balanced diet of fresh, healthy wholesome food beats out processed food any day of the week. Fresh foods like sweet potatoes, kale, zucchini, beets, carrots and quinoa, not to mention grass-fed beef or lamb, chicken or turkey – all play an important role in living well, feeling energetic and adding quality years to our lives. GOOD NEWS is the same is true for our dogs. At Green Dog’s, Inc. we’ve seen dogs live exceptionally long lives. We believe it all starts with the food in their bowls. DOG IN THE KITCHEN is written by President and founding member, Barbara Berkowitz who has spent years studying how to balance an ideal dog diet. Her dog Freddy, lived an energetic 23 years….

What’s In The Book?

1.)  The BEST carbs, proteins & vegetables for your dog.

2.)  The WORST foods NEVER to feed your dog.

3.)  Can dogs eat fish?  Yes, but not all fish is okay.  We’ll tell you which ones are.

4.)  How do I make sure my dog gets enough vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants

5.)  What about picky eaters?

6.)  What about over eaters?

7.)  Can I eat this food, too?

8.)  Will my dog really get enough nutrition this way?

9.)  Will my dog love me more for cooking for him/her?

dog in the kitchen cookbook

This first edition book will be the beginning of a series of cookbooks so that you can expand your knowledge and choices for your best furry mate. Another great thing is that if you order by pledging on Kickstarter you could even get your dog’s name listed as one of the 25 recipes in the book, a very Wag cool idea!

Check it out…

Website: Dog In The Kitchen

Contact:  Email Barbara