Review: Pet Munchies – Natural Dog Treats

pet munchies review

A few weeks ago G.J.W Titmuss an online pet supply store asked me to try Pet munchies treats and wanted my opinion. Considering they were natural dog treats my peep was more than happy to let me try them.

Sticks & Sushi

Pet Munchies  has a great selection of tasty dog treats, but we decided to try their Sushi training treats and the Duck Sticks.

Pet Munchies- Duck Strips

These tasty little strips are made from quality duck breast meat. I used them as a chew and really enjoyed them after my evening walk. However my pal Lily who is a Pekinese, loved them as little bite size pieces which my peep would break up into little rewards. The best part about the treats was that they where wheat, soya and gluten free.

Pet Munchies – Sushi Training Treats

My peep loves sushi, and in fact so do I, so we were really excited to try these little bite size treats.  Made from white fish and chicken and perfect in size for a little munch or when we play training!

natural dog treatsWhat Are Pet Munchies

Pet Munchies are gourmet treats made from human grade real meat and fish. They have a wonderful range from chicken, fish, duck and liver  flavours. They also hand cut and slow roast all of their treats in their own natural juices.

  • 100% Natural
  • naturally low in fat & carbohydrates
  • high in protein
  • No artificial preservatives, flavourings colourings or additives

What did I think?

I loved them, and I was really excited when my peep shook the bag. We used the sushi treats in one of my slow feeder’s and I really enjoyed digging them out. My peep liked them a lot due to they were small and made of quality ingredients.

The duck chewy sticks where my favorite, and I loved tossing them around and loved the chewy texture.

I think for an all natural dog treat, which my peep said was at a reasonable price, that she would be happy to buy them again, which of course made we dog wagging happy.


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Pet Munchies Treats

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Disclosure: We would like to thank G.J.W Titmuss  for supplying Pet Munchies for our review for this post. All comments, views and options are strictly our own.