7 Ways To Ensure Your Dog Is Safer When You’re Away

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Whether you’re heading off to work, or are going away for a week, the need to consider how your pet will be looked after during your time away is vital; in this guide we look at 7 ways to ensure your dog’s safe while you’re away.

7. Ensure your dog is fed and watered

Ensuring that your dog is fed and watered while you’re away needn’t involve a person visiting numerous times a day. There are now feeding bowls that open at set times; however, your dog will need to be let out at least every 3 hours to go to the toilet and you should also consider that they’ll get lonely after extended periods alone.

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6. Dog proof your home

Dogs will, inevitably, need to be left home alone at some point in time; ensuring that your home is dog safe is key if you’re to have peace of mind while you’re out for any length of time. You should consider potentially dangerous objects that your dog may chew through, such as wires. Many dog owners believe that their dogs won’t chew items because they don’t do so in their owner’s presence, however being alone can be a stressful time for a dog, and chewing may be a way of reducing anxiety.

5. Ask a friend to dog sit

Asking a friend to dog sit may be suitable for many dogs, particularly if they have a good temperament. If you opt for your dog to stay at your friend’s property then you need to ensure that your dog knows that it is your friends territory, and not their own, you should also ensure that they have the details of your vets and pet insurance company if applicable.

4. Ensure that your dog is micro chipped

For all the will in the world, sometimes a dog sitter may lose your dog, whether from them slipping their collar, or escaping from the house. To take precautions against this situation you should ensure that your dog is micro chipped; in any eventuality, micro chipping is now a legal requirement.

3. Whoever will be dog sitting, ensure they know about any medical conditions

Whether you’re leaving your dog at home, in kennels or with a friend, you need to ensure that specific instructions are given in relation to any medical conditions.

2. Consider the safety of your dog sitter

Thinking about the safety of your dog sitter is just as important as the safety of your dog; particularly as an incident may lead to legal action, despite it being caused by an insufficient understanding of dogs. There is the odd pet insurance company that covers such third party issues. Key factors in keeping your dog sitter safe are:

– Ensure that your dog sitter and your dog are well acquainted in a variety of situations.

– If your dog sitter will be entering your home whilst your dog is home alone you need to think about how territorial your dog is. Even if they are usually placid in your company when visitors arrive, you may find that on their own they become instinctively protective of your property. To establish whether this is the case you should undertake a few trial runs of your visitor letting themselves in whilst you’re not far behind.

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– Ensure that your dog sitter knows not to put their face close to your dogs under any circumstances, and particularly not if they are telling them off as this can be seen as a confrontation, and your dog may react badly.

1. Consider kennels

Whilst many dog owners believe kennels to be a cruel place, nothing can be farther from the truth. Kennels are professionally trained in looking after dogs, and mean that your canine friend won’t have to face any alone time. All good kennels will take your dog for a walk, and may even undertake some training with them.


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