Maggie’s Travel Journal- A Pampered Pet Story

pampered pup

I know I’m a lucky dog to have found my peep; she has always had my best interest in mind. As a beagle I love to explore new places, meet new people and enjoy new things to sniff. It’s the best part about being a dog! However with my quest for adventure and travel, I still have needs that must be met when I am away from home.

This is how I know I am a pampered pup, because my peep always has my best interest in mind and chooses place to see that both of us will enjoy. She makes sure that I’m prepared and even spent the last year making a bag that would hold everything import for me when I travel.

pampered pet

Dog Friendly

She always checks when we go on vacation that the place I will visit is a great spot for dogs. This includes a dog friendly place to stay, great places for me to explore, and enough dog friendly places to eat, so that I don’t get left behind in the hotel.

Next if we’re going to another country, she’ll ask our vet if I need anything special. This can even include a jab, to help protect me from getting sick. For example in the South of France there is a really dangerous tick that could cause me havoc, so we make sure I am protected for that local danger.

pampered pet wag n go

Packed up and ready to go Pampered Pet Style

While my peep might be packing her favorite bathing suit and new shoes for our getaway, she is also busy packing up my bag too. She wants to make sure I feel relaxed and comfortable while I am away from home and makes sure I have all the essentials that I have come to expect.

We always pack up my trusty blanket, which smells like home and when we enter a new place she’ll pull it out and place it in a little spot in the room. This lets me know that we’ve arrived and I know that this is my sleeping blanket, just like home.

Food fit for a beagle. When we’re on the road, I still like the good tastes from home, and my peep makes sure that I get just that. She loads up one of my containers with her homemade dog food meals that are easy to travel with, so it’s either chicken burgers, or my beef pup cakes. She also packs up a few of my favorite treats and chews.

papmered pet food

Lastly she brings one of favorite toys and usually will buy me a new one so that I can be entertained while we are driving to our new destination to explore.

I really appreciate that she does all this for me and I know it makes her feel good and prepared. Because the best part about being a pampered pet when you’re out and about is that I can also give back to my peep. I get to show her beautiful spots that she may have never seen if she didn’t travel with me. I am also an excellent ice breaker when it comes to meeting the locals. In fact we have made great friends from all over the world by just giving a little wag of my tail friendships have bloomed.


Inspired by Personal Creations and the Pampered Pups Project

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