Ways to keep your dog still during a photo shoot

keep your dog still during a photo shoot

Some dogs are perfect. They sit still, behave and are ever so photogenic. They don’t even drool or chew their food noisily. Don’t you just hate those dogs and their smug owners! They put your mutt to shame. Okay so sometimes your dog likes to have a wee inside the house or chews up the furniture just because they feel like it. They’re still a good dog at heart and you’re not a bad owner. But if you’re going to get a photo shoot for your pup take heed of these tips to avoid any unwanted studio mishaps and to ensure you get some worthwhile snaps!

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Take them for a long walk beforehand

The best thing you could do for your excitable dog before taking them to the exhilarating bright lights and smells of a studio is to take them for a long walk, as this will (hopefully) help calm them down and make even the most impulsive dog a little worn out. This will make them more docile and help them sit still for a photograph. Avoid taking them anywhere too mucky and make sure they don’t get into anything horrible before they have their photo taken. This will also give them a chance to relieve themselves before they ‘accidentally’ do it in the studio!

Feed them

Just so they aren’t worried where there next feed may come from give them a substantial amount of food before they are photographed, this will again make them sleepier. After all no one wants to jump about on a full stomach! Feel free to take some food with you if it’s a long journey, too.

Bring treats

Professional photography studios http://www.venturephotography.com  recommends this tip over all of

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the others. If your dog doesn’t like to keep its head still you could use treats to pull their focus. Treats can force your dog to focus on a certain point making for a smart shot. Even a full dog is going to want one extra snack, so just watch their eyes as they suddenly turn into a doe eyed beauty begging for one more morsel!

Bring toys

Bring some toys along so that your doggy feels more at home, it’ll settle them to have familiar things surrounding them. Also, If you bring some toys along you can distract them from the new surroundings and play with your pooch. It’ll take their attention away from the bright lights and also give them a happy disposition for a photograph.

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Bring a bed

Bring something familiar like a bed or a blanket to increase a calm demeanour in your pooch. With this your pet will feel more comfortable and may instinctively know to lie down and settle in to the room. The natural look will also be a good memory of them as a dog’s bedding can sometimes be as memorable and attached to a pet as the pet itself. Your dog may even feel comfortable enough to have a snooze. You could get some very sweet shots of your dog just sleeping away!


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