Diesel -A Shelter Dog Story That’s Wag Cool

diesel the shelter dog book

Meet Diesel a shelter dog with an amazing story about how he found his forever home. It’s his true story written by his peep Lisa Brown who researches and finds ways to make dog’s lives better,and shares it on her excellent blog called Dogs N Pawz.
childrens book about shelter dogsDiesel was just a pub when he was adopted from the animal shelter. He is a little Plott Hound Mix and very adorable.

The book was written for children and let’s them learn about how lovable shelter animals can be and to help increase the awareness of the plight of shelter animals.

If you are thinking of getting a shelter dog, this little story would be perfect to introduce your children about the process. Besides learning all about Diesel, they will also get to learn about the facts and statistics about shelters.

Do you have a Shelter Dog Story?

If so, I’d recommend that you pop on over to Dogs N Pawz and submit it! Lisa is preparing a kindle book with heartwarming stories of shelter dogs finding their forever homes. 75% of the profits will be donated to animal shelters, and 25% will be donated to Paws for Life, Inc. in Edmond. The best part about this project is that it will help spread the word about shelter animals. How wag cool is that?

Got a great story, then why not submit it here: Details about Dogs N Pawz Kindle book


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