HERO – A Brand to Celebrate and Save Rescue Dogs

hero dogs

HERO is a pet product line that not only gives back 10% of all sales to help dogs in shelters and rescues with food, shelter and medical care, it’s a brand that shines a positive spotlight on all rescued dogs, celebrating their success stories when they wear it;  and in turn, educating others and encouraging THEM to adopt, hence more dogs being saved!

Hero for rescue dog founders

Amber and her two rescue boxers are the creators of HERO and their collars and leads are not only just beautiful they also give back to dogs in need.

Lucky I was able to have a little chat with Amber and was able to find out more about this new wagging venture.

 Tell me about your new product?

Hero currently consists of a distinctively designed Collar & Leash in 3 bright, fun colors, as well as a Children’s book, complete with a HERO cape (for kids OR dogs!)

hero rescue dogs

How did it start?

HERO started because I was SO inspired by the shelter dogs that I work with every week while volunteering. Seeing their resilience, happiness and willingness to never give up, showed me that I needed to show the world how amazing these dogs are, instead of the view most people see them as, which is damaged and broken.resuce dogs book

Showing everyone how happy & great they are, will change the perception, and in turn give these dogs a chance at life, inspiring others to adopt them, thus bringing down the euthanasia rate.

When was it launched?

HERO just launched February 22nd, 2014! There was a launch party associated with it for the kickoff of the “Indiegogo” Campaign: http://igg.me/at/HeroDog

Where is it available and do you ship?

Currently it is only available online through our indiegogo campaign, (http://igg.me/at/HeroDog) – now through April 4th. After that, it will be available on our website www.herodog.org and at dog boutiques in Minnesota, in hopes of having it available at stores all throughout the US, Europe & Canada in the future.

Thank you some much Amber for letting us know about your amazing project! i think it’s a great idea and the collars and leads look like they would be really fun to wear. Now as a Wag N Go traveling dog I always like getting new tips on dog travel and good advice on having a pet.

What is your best advice on having a pet?

 My best advice for having a pet, would be to remember 3 things: Patience, Knowledge and Love.

Patience, when there are times of frustration because of accidents, bad behavior, to remind yourself that they only learn when YOU teach them, so remember to mentally stimulate them so they stay out of trouble.

Knowledge, inform yourself on the breed of animal you have to learn the quirks and characteristics, so you can be more understanding when they do certain things. Also, to listen when they are not acting like themselves, they could be trying to tell you something.

Lastly, Love. Remember, they only have us, while we have computers, smart phones, friends and a job, they only have us. They love us unconditionally, and we should show them that same love, and to never give up on them. Animals are not disposable.

What’s your best pet friendly travel advice?

There are so many great “Pet-friendly” places to bring your pets nowadays, but remember to travel safely in the car with them, and have them safely restrained so you are not a distracted driver. Always remember to pack them food and water, and to sit in the shade on warm, sunny days so they don’t over-heat.

Check them out

Indiegogo Campaign: A Brand to Celebrate and Save Rescue Dogs

Website: www.herodog.org

Email: woof@herodog.org


Twitter: http:twitter.com/heromutts

Instagram: heromutts