A Day In The Life of Me & My Peep with My New Galaxy Camera 2

My New Galaxy Camera 2

As you all know when there is a knock on the door and a package being handed to my peep, I always assume it’s for me and I always hope that it will be a big bag of tasty treats. Well this time it was my peep that got the treat! We were lucky enough to get a new Galaxy camera 2 from Samsung, and you should of seen how happy my peep was when she opened it.

With my peeps new toy, I thought I’d  take her out and about and let her take photos of me with her new camera! So we both decided that we’d take photos of a typical weekend, when the weather is good and not raining.

A day in the live with my peep

One of my favorite places to go is to Battery Park, it’s a wonderful place to spend the day! It’s not far, but we need to take the train

a day with the galaxy 2

A lazy afternoon we strolled by the river, played with ducks by the lake and met the local dogs.

in battery park with the galaxy 2 camera

We even met some cool kids

my galaxy 2 camera with kids

We had a great day and my peep was starving and ready to relax, so we decided to head to our favorite local…It’s called Hemingways and is located in Wimbledon Village.

galaxy 2 camera at hemingways barOh yes…that last picture of me giving my peep a big fat kiss… is a petsies! How cool is that! In fact the camera can recognize your face and take 5 real quick photos and then you can choose the best one. It’s called the Smart Mode Selfie Alarm and it guarantees that our self-portraits of me and my peep receive the attention we deserve. It takes five consecutive, high-resolution images  and then we just selected the best angle and share it immediately on Twitter!

a glass of wine shot by galaxy 2 cameraOf course my peep had a glass of wine after our day. But we had such a fun filled day and it’s always fun to connect with friends and show them all the things you did, especially with our new Galaxy camera!

Here are a few other photos of me strolling around and one of me and my peep that I really like. She used the 21x optical zoom for these photos while I strolled around and she relaxed on the grass.

I am so glad that she got this fancy new camera. The Galaxy Camera 2 is a very cool thing to have in your bag. Besides taking awesome photos, you can send them straight to your Facebook page, or email to a friend, and even check your email.

In fact the camera is really smart,  it has a cool option called smart mode suggest – which provides a helping hand in securing paw-some snaps. It analyses the scene at hand; recognising lighting conditions, scenery, objects, and then instantly recommends the optimal Smart Mode to ensure that the perfect shot is always captured! It made my peep feel like a pro!

Maggie shot with a Galaxy 2 camera

my peep shot with a galaxy 2 camera

And of course after a long day….

end of day after my photo shoot with the galaxy 2 camera

Be sure to check back tomorrow my peep is going to make a video with the camera. She is a little nervous but she thinks if she uses the multi motion video setting she’ll be able to make a real cool video of me! The camera allows you to set the speed of  video, you can speed it up or slow it down so we can get some real cool images and some artistic flair!


Disclosure: We would like to thank Samsung UK for supplying us with the Galaxy 2 camera and tickets to see Crufts! All comments, views and options are strictly our own.