An Amazing Couple Of Days at Crufts 2014

crufts 2014 with samsung

Oh it’s that time of year again, it’s when dog lovers from all over the world come to Crufts to see everything dog! It was jammed packed, bustling, colorful and very exciting!

This year I was lucky enough to be the guest of Samsung UK and had the pleasure of using their Galaxy 2 camera while I was exploring Crufts 2014. I have to admit the camera is so much fun and easy to use too! Once I arrived at Crufts the first thing I wanted to do was find some of my favorites dogs and capture their cute little faces.

I used to smart party indoor mode and then switched over to the kids smart mode, which was  very wag cool. The kids smart mode takes five really quick shots and also makes a little noise to get the dog’s attention. The best part is one of the sounds is a cat meowing! Kinda fun to use when your surrounded by dogs!

Crufts 2014 Dogs

Crufts 2014 dogs

Checking out some of the judging

Finally I went for a visit at the Samsung pavilion

crufts 2014 with Samsung

Their booth was super busy and they had all their amazing products on display. You could play with the latest camera, tablets and phones, or just sit back and take a break in the petsie corner. While I was there I was lucky enough to watch the live recording of Millie Mackingtosh on the Samsung stand awarding prizes to the Facebook Petsie Awards.

I went to see some of my favorite products showing at Crufts

crufts 2014 vendors

I  checked out two amazing shows, dog agility and Heel-work to music

2014 crfuts events

After that I picked up a few things for Maggie, grabbed some of the latest dog magazines and headed on home. Whew… What a weekend, but I’d do it all over again! Can’t wait until Crufts 2015!