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agility results dogsI would like to introduce you to Talli and Jade, two cleaver dogs behind the new website Agility Results.

Talli is a beautiful American Bull dog who not only enjoys agility, she’s been to Discover Dogs twice. She is also known as the Big White Dog!

Her pal, Jade also an agility enthusiast enjoys the sport in her bark-y way and is always completely focused. At home she does relax and is known as a softie.

Both of them are the inspiration for their peeps new website Agility Results. So I thought I’d have a woof and find out more about their company. I was lucky enough to have a wagging chat with Graham, one of the founders of Agility Results.

What does Agility Results Do?

We identified a lack of availability and consistency when it came to publishing agility show results so we decided to build a website that would Showcase any KC / UK Agility results, past and present.

We are looking to become the number one source for all things Kennel Club and UK Agility results – from Crufts to ‘that little one day show’ we all know and love.

We also publish a monthly newsletter which provides up and coming improvements to the site and in the future we will be looking to start providing product reviews and other canine related news.

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I know your site went live this January, but how did you brain storm your way to an active site with all these features?

I met Laura, the other half of Agility Results, after she had started her agility adventure, meaning I got the pleasure of a personal tour of this new world. She showed me what it was all about and even treated me to a few camping shows. Agility is one of those hidden gems in life, a hobby that would not necessarily cross your mind until you are actively exposed to it. But once you’re exposed, you’re addicted.

Helping on a ring means you come into a lot of contact with paper – calling sheets, pads, scorecards, and the Holy Grail that is the results sheet. That one piece of paper we are all waiting for once the classic “Class is now closed” has been announced over the PA system. Some may hang around to catch a glimpse of who is written down, some wait until the presentations are made at the show secretaries tent. However you look at it, we are all eager to see the results.

Laura runs two dogs, and keeping track of their results can be rather awkward. We could write them down in their respective record books, but this requires us to keep it in the car or at least with us when we go to a show. We could write it on the back of the rosettes… but these can take up a lot of space and rarely in any chronological order.

But what happens if you leave a show early? Or you would like to check the results a week, a month, a year later? Or maybe you would just like to keep track of your woofers achievements?

And so the seed was sown and we started thinking what if we provide this as a service to everyone else?

With all this is mind, we came up with an idea to store their results digitally so that we could look back through them and see their progress throughout the years all on Agility Results.

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Sounds great, and it makes a lot sense. It would be so much easier to view everything all in one place.

How much does it cost to join?

This service is completely free to both shows and the agility public. We are funding this purely from advertising, so if you run a business and would like to support this new venture, please get it touch – we would love to hear from you!

What a great idea and service.  I remember watching agility at Crufts this year, and it was amazing seeing the dogs go through their paces. If you’re an avid agility lover I’d think you would really love this new site. They are open to adding your favourite shows, and if your part of a club or show society, what great place to send your results for all to see.

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