I Want To Be A Wag Cool Tidy Dog

The Tidy Dog

I have a wicker basket full of all my toys and it sits beside our chair in the living room and looks neat and tidy. However without fail every afternoon and evening I like to rummage through it and see what toy I’d like to play with, and yes it’s usually the one at the bottom of the basket. So by time I find the toy that I want, I’ve made a pretty good mess all over the living room floor. It drives my peep nuts, because she has to go around and pick everything up and put it back in the basket, while I watch in beagle bewilderment.
Do you know what would make her really happy and what she barks at me every time she’s picking up my stuff?

Why can’t you pick up your toys and put them back!

Hey, if you want me to do that, I want to get paid, I see no value in doing this job. What’s in it for me? It’s not like I want to get paid much, a treat or two would surly motivate me in doing my bit and putting my toys back. That just seems fair to me. So imagine my delight when I found Tidy Dog, which does exactly that!

Tidy dog demo

Tidy Dog

Tidy Dog is not a dream that peeps wish about it’s a dog toy bin that dispenses a treat every time your dog puts a toy away. How Wag Cool is that!

Besides being very stylish, it’s equipped with a motion sensor that can be left on all day or can be turned on when it is time for your dog to clean up. It also has smart software which can detect whether your dog is just nosing around in the bin or if they have actually put a toy away. In fact you can’t even cheat and  just lift a toy out of the bin and immediately drop it back in to get a treat, it knows that your cheating. But in the end, it rewards you for being neat and tidy and that is the best pay day ever!
The Tidy Box demo

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