Why I Love My Dog Blanket- And The Many Benefits It Gives

dog blanket

As every dog know, their dog blanket holds many magical powers and we love them for a whole bunch of reasons, and no it’s not that they can protect your sofa or the back seat of your car,  it’s because it ours and smells of home.

Smelling home makes me feel great, and I understand it’s a comfy place to be, regardless of where I lay my head. When I am out with my peep for the day, or on holidays, my trusty blanket comes with me too. It’s my go to spot no matter where I am, my dog blanket says Maggie.

dog blanket content

Sure, I do have a few blankets, however my traveling blanket is no ordinary blanket it does so many things beside giving me a spot to put my paws on…

My blanket and the power that it has

  • It helps me sleep.
  • It keeps me warm.
  • It keeps me content.

dog blanket love

How does it help me Sleep?

I have always had a dog blanket since I was just a wee pup and I’ve become very attached to my soft and snuggley blanket. As a puppy my peep would put my blanket down in my crate, and I’d jump right in and move it around and then fall asleep as I buried my nose in it’s warm fuzzy fibers.  As I got older, my blanket became my go to spot and when I want to feel secure I’d find my blanket and fall fast asleep.

I snuggle with it, sniff it, rub it on my face, and when I was a pup, I’d even give it a little chew, and all of this would make me feel content and ready for sleep.

Have dog blanket will travel

The best part about my blanket is that it travels with me everywhere and I have learned that where my blanket is, it’s my little spot to call my own.

When Dining

If we’re out in a cafe, my peep will put it under the table in a safe place where I’ll be safe from busy waiters and people moving about and if I try to wonder, my peep just has to say “bed” and I know that I need to get my paws on my blanket.  It makes me feel so much better, to know that my blanket is under the table in a safe spot for me and I usually tend not to bug my peep as much, I just relax and wait for a tasty treat.

On the Road

If we’re traveling by car, my peep will pop my blanket in the back seat of our rental car, and buckle me up with my doggie seat belt. My blanket helps keep my fur off the seats and I have something cosy to sleep on will on route to our next adventure.

On Vacation

When we arrive a new location, be it a holiday home, hotel or even just visiting friends, my trusty blanket is always there and I know that when my peep pops it down , I know that it’s my spot while were enjoying our time in our new location. Funny enough, I’ll give it a good sniff and then move it around to suit me better.

Sleep Overs

I’m still shocked that I can’t go everywhere my peep goes, but sometimes I have to stay behind and if I do I usually stay with my walker over at his house. Again my peep packs up my Wag N Go bag, with my tasty meals, treats, and my trusty blanket.

Just like a kid (and I’m your furry kid!) is used to their own stuff, dogs also feel more comfortable with their own special things, whether it’s a favorite toy, blanket or treat….

Always have a trusty Second

Once your dog becomes sufficiently attached to their dog blanket, it is a good idea to get an extra one so that it can be washed every once in a while or for the dreaded occasion when it is lost. I have a few, and I love them all, but my two brown ones are my favorite and I would never leave home without it.

Does your dog have a favorite blanket or toy?