How To Know If Doggie Daycare Is A Good Fit For Your Dog

doggie daycare

When I was pup in New York, my peep was very busy working as a real estate broker in New York city and could be away from home for most of the day. She didn’t want to leave me on my own locked up in my crate while she was reeling and dealing all over the city.

So she decided that I needed to have a place to go where I could play, meet new dogs and have someone care for me. Doggie Daycare fit the bill perfectly, it gave my peep peace of mind to know that I was taken care of, and I had a blast with all the regular dogs that went to doggie daycare too!

doggie daycareHowever before I was accepted to my doggie daycare I had to make sure that:

  • I was healthy and had my jabs.
  • That I was Spayed.
  • Well Socialized.

Considering I was a young pup, it was easy for me to adjust going to daycare. I was already well-socialized and I really enjoy other dogs and was always seeking a good play with them at every opportunity.

. If your dog is a regular at dog parks, and she plays a lot and enjoys herself there, then daycare is probably ideal for her..

Know Your Dog

Now I know some dogs do better hanging out at home alone instead of running around with a whole bunch of dogs all day. We’re all different and this could be the case with your dog. Now if you have the type of dog that avoids or just can’t tolerate other dogs, then doggie daycare is probably not right for them. Hiring a dog walker, or having someone come by in the middle of the day, or if you can pop in at lunch might be a better option for both of you.

Day Care is not a good fit if your dog has:

  • bitten another dog
  • aggressive toward other dogs, like snapping or snarling
  • fearful, tense or anxious when in the company of dogs

doggie daycare play

More unsuitable candidates for daycare include:

  • Non-vaccinated Puppies
  • Females in heat
  • Dogs that are not socialized
  • Mean Dogs…who bully other dogs
  • Controlling Dogs…who try to control the movement of other dogs or interfere with their playing
  • Scary Dogs…dogs that like to intimidate, annoy or scare other dogs

First Day of Doggie Day Care

If you think that your dog is a good fit and is ready for daycare, it’s a good idea that on her first day that you spend a little there to observe how she is fitting in with the group. Pay attention to see if your dog seems happy. After a few days of day care, check to see if your pup is still happy and pleasantly tired. If your dog seems a little stressed or overwhelmed, the daycare may not be a good fit for your dog.

A good way to figure out if your dog is enjoying herself at daycare is to observe her closely the next time you drop her off. When I went to daycare, I couldn’t wait to get thorough the door and start playing, however I was also excited when my peep came to pick me up as well.

English: Dogs Running in the yard at Affection...

So if you see signs of stress or avoidance as you approach the daycare, or if you have to drag your dog through the door, this is a sign that perhaps another solution will be needed to care for your dog.

A good way to help keep your dog happy and relaxed when taking your dog to daycare, is to pack up a dog bag with the essentials needed to care for your dog at the daycare. Most doggie daycare require you to supply their meals that they would eat during the day, and some recommend a cosy blanket for nap time.  However toys and treats should stay at home, due to this could cause jealousy among the dogs. Most daycare centers will already have their own supply of treats and toys and are experienced on how to dispense them in a group of dogs.

Do you doggie daycare?