Would You Consider Me A Sneaky Beagle Or Clever?

sneaky beagle

The other day my peep had to go to Switzerland for a little business, and would be gone for the whole day and would not arrive back until late in the evening. This left me fending for myself for the day, well not really my friend Mike said that he would hang out with me and I also had my trusty dog walkers so I really was all set with my schedule for the day.

However my peep got up at the crazy hour of 5 A.M and headed downstairs for her morning coffee, as usual I snuggled down in the duvet for a few extra minutes of snooze time. I like to wait until she has had at least one cup before I head down to greet the world. Considering it was so early, I was starving, it’s the middle of the night for beagle sakes, and my peep is running around like a chicken, so obviously, I made my case that breakfast should be served, before she finished packing. As the good beagle that I am, I vigorously, gently tapped my bowl to get my peep’s attention.

sneaky beagle

So before she started to pack, she served me my breakfast which was very tasty and a fresh bowl of water . After I gobbled down my early morning breakfast I sauntered off the my crate to catch up on my snoozing and wagged my peep out the door.

The next thing I knew, Mike was bouncing through the door at 7: A.M. and I was so pleased to see him that well, I kinda thought that Mike should serve me some breakfast while we watched the morning news. As usual, I shook, gently tapped my bowl to get Mike’s attention that breakfast should be served before watching the news. And sure enough, he happily made me breakfast and gave me a fresh bowl of water, the news never seems so good after that!

After that tasty morning my afternoon was great with my dog walker Ross and later that afternoon I was so happy to see Anthony who took me for a late stroll around the commons. In fact all that walking, running and sniffing, made me famished!

I couldn’t wait to tell Mike that I was ready for dinner, even thought it was only 4 PM. But hey, to a beagle, every hour is a possible dinner hour, so I kicked, gently tapped my bowl, so Mike would understand that it was dinner time. He actually agreed with me too, due to he thought that considering my 7 AM breakfast was sooooooo long ago, it only made sense to feed me an early dinner and  I couldn’t agree more. So dinner was severed early and I felt great, until my actual dinner time of 6 PM came rolling by….

Hmmm…. It’s only fitting that I get my dinner, at the hour that I expect. It’ s the time my peep feeds me, and I think we should keep with the schedule. However I did know some work would have to go into this one, to get Mike to agree with me about my schedule, regardless if I had an early dinner.

I have to be honest, my gentle attempt of tapping my bowl was not going to work this time. So I decided to beat that bowl with my paws like a rock star in a heavy metal band, I even sang a few howling belts to get the point across. And to my amazement, it worked, and Mike served up a little dinner for me, what an amazing guy, I know my peep would never of stood for the beagle defiance I had expressed, but hey while she’s away the beagle will play.

Tick, tock it’s 9 o’clock and I strolled over to my bowl while thinking of the song “we will rock you” by Queen and was just about to start my thumping version of the song when my peep walked through the door. Yikes!

So naturally, I gave her my best beagle welcome and ran away from my bowl as fast I could, so that she wouldn’t know that I was attempting another tasty spoonful of food. But Mike was there and he started wagging about how I have been starving all day, and how he feed me in the morning, noon and night and was just about ready to give me another spoonful of tasty beef.

sneaky beagle


Ahroo…Oooowhoo hoo! I’ve been caught red-pawed!

Now like I always like to say, It’s not my fault, that my peep did not leave instructions on how and when to feed me, and to ignore my sneaky, tricky beagle ways, if my peep is not going to tell them, well then I’ll rule the house and make my own meal schedule.

So the moral of the story?

Next time when your leaving your sneaky beagle in the care of  a friend, make sure you leave all the important information that the new person needs to know. In fact my peep has a handy little booklet that she fills out each time I’m staying with friends, and it does work like a charm, she just forgot to leave it behind.

But check it out, it has all the details that you need, and you’ll be happy that your dog didn’t make their own rules while you were away!

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