Making your hotel dog friendly

dog friendly hotel

Dog owners are often confronted with a difficult situation when going on holidays or getaways. There are many hotels and accommodation facilities that do not allow pets into their premises, or are simply not dog friendly. Having neighbors and relatives taking care of pets is not a first choice option for pet lovers; they would prefer to travel with their beloved four legged friends by their side. Hoteliers may not know how to make their establishments friendly to dogs while at the same time retaining their appeal to non-pet owners. It is quite simple for those who are willing to take the plunge and try it out.

  • First, encourage that pet owners keep their dogs on a leash at all times while within the hotel. This will ensure that incidences of runaway dogs causing destruction are minimized.
  • Having a few leashes at hand will serve you well in the event that a patron’s leash gets spoilt or lost.
  • You should also have established well known and rehearsed protocols for shutting down sections of your hotel if a dog is reported to be off the leash by an owner. A well-trained pet control team can be on standby to help you in containing a wandering furry friend.

dog friendly hotels


Pampering the dogs comes next. A dog that is considered worthy to travel with, and one that the owner feels should accompany them on their trip is surely a dog that is bound to be loved, well trained and definitely pampered. The loving and training bits are best left to the owners, but you can see to the pampering end of the deal. A few treats for the dogs, a nice customized cot to sleep in, a cover or duvet and toys are encouraged.

Some nice cleaning areas for dogs should be made available. You can go the extra mile and stock some dog cleaning shampoos in the cleaning areas, just in case the patron will have forgotten theirs. After frolicking all day in the sandy beaches, and wherever else the dog owners will want to visit, a good cleaning and petting down will surely be needed. Be handy to provide such a service and your pet-owning customers will keep coming back to you.

dog friendly hotel staff

Dog Friendly Hotel Staff

How about having pet-sitters for the dogs that may have to be left behind by their owners, for short periods of time? Doggy room service can also be availed such that some needs for the dogs are attended to in the rooms of their owners. The pet-sitters can be availed for free to patrons up to specified periods of time and then paid for after the time limit is reached. This will ensure that patrons do not dump their pets on your pet-sitters and then go off to enjoy private joys away from the lovely dogs they brought along on their trip.

To protect yourself from losses that may be incurred due to hosting dog owners along with their pets, you can have an extra deposit or fee required if a dog is accompanying your patrons. If the dog goes on to cause some damage, t will be easy to recoup your losses. You should however make sure that the pet-care services you provide match the need for the patrons to dig deeper into their pockets.

Finally, as a word of caution, make sure that you let the dog owners staying in your hotel know dog friendly hotel dogsthat they are responsible for their pets at all times. It is good to inform them that misbehavior by their pets is not welcome, no matter how much they love to pamper their pets and without special consideration to extra fees they may have paid. This will ensure that the pets are kept under discipline and do not harass other patrons or interfere with the way you do business in your hotel.

The good thing about making your hotel dog friendly is that you will attract business, and since there are not many establishments that readily welcome man’s best friend, this business could be booming in a short time. You may end up considering the option of being a paw-owners only hotel.

The article’s author is a veterinarian doctor who writes essays as a freelancer on Essay Jedi during her free time. She practices her trade  at a five star dog-friendly hotel in Berlin.