Be Prepared: Pet Choking and CPR Infographic

pet choking

Are you prepared to help your dog in the event of an emergency? Of course you’re careful about what your dog eats, but dog’s are experts at finding and chewing things that they aren’t supposed to have.

In fact I actually drive my peep crazy, but I really think its my mission to vacuum up all the streets, parks and places I roam around and I think it’s my job to gobble it down, regardless if its good or bad for me.  And now that the weather is getting better, there is even more tasty things lingering on the streets or hiding in the bush, so there is even more stuff on the ground that I want to get into my mouth as fast as possible.

I’ll never understand, but for some reason, peeps just love throwing chicken bones in bushes, and with my trusty beagle nose I can always find them and if my peep can’t catch me, I’ll swallow the bones whole.

dog choking on bone

Now if your pet is choking, it is imperative you take immediate action to try and dislodge the object. You’ll know your pet is choking because, just like you, your pet will gag, retch and cough to try to expel the object. If you suspect choking you might not have time to make it to a vet, so it could be up to you to help your pet in need.
If the worst should happen, you need to know how to help your dog, so we wanted to share the following infographic that shows you how to help a choking dog and give them CPR if need be.

Also last year my peep took a course in CPR for dogs, and it’s a great skill to have, and hopefully something you’ll never need to use, but if the worse happened, you could save a dog’s life.

Pet Choking and CPR Infographic

pet choking and cpr

Disclaimer: We would like to thank Kurgo for making the infograph. We were not paid, but wanted to share this important infograph to our readers.