Happy Birthday To Me! Dog Age 7 -Peep Age 44

dog age birthday beagle

Yes, it’s my birthday. Woof-a-roo!

Looking back at the past year, all I could say is that it was a dog wagging and howl and I enjoyed every moment of it.

  • I met new friends, and learned new skills.
  • I launched Wag N Go for dogs that are going places and want to travel in style.
  • I traveled to new places, tried new things, and added great new memories to Wag The Dog UK

So what does it mean being a 7 year old beagle? Well if your check out Pedigree Dog Age Calculator they’d tell you I’m about 44 years of age in human years and can be considered a senior dog.

Hmmmm….. senior dog?  Perhaps in wisdom, that I would totally agree with. I have worked very hard and perfected my crafty ways to get an extra treat or two, I can give the “beagle cute” stare while your eating, and finally my peep has been trained well enough that she now knows what I mean when I kick her! Now these are tried and true things a beagle can do, and the older we get the better the skill!

I’m still a very active beagle, I love to run, sniff, chase, sniff, explore, sniff, play and enjoy all the things the world has to offer. I consider myself middle age and a very wise beagle ready for more.

Oh yes I am also having a wagging giveaway starting today at 12 noon. I received a new dog cover for my birthday to spruce up my crate and it looks paw-some, fresh and summery!  The Linen Press and Wag The Dog UK are having a giveaway and want a lucky dog to win a fresh dog bed too! So be sure to come by later today and enter!

Being 7 I thought I’d share 7 of my favorite things


3. My favorite video


4. My favorite photo

dog age in Italy



5. My Favorite Vacation

7. I love my Facebook Page where I can paw around and share with all my wagging pals.

facebook cover May

Thank you everyone for make my year so special!