TaskIt PETS: A Wag Cool Pet App -Remember, Remind, Relay

TakeIt pet App for you and your pets

As a busy dog on the go, and my peep running around meeting dog lovers everywhere, we rely on our amazing dog walker to make sure I get my walks and social time with my furry friends.

Sometimes in my busy beagle schedule I might have extra things I need to do that my walker needs to know about, like perhaps dropping me off at a friends, instead of home.  Usually when this happens, my peep will scribble it down on a post-it note and leave it for my walker to see, but sometimes she forgets to even do that, and will have text while she’s out.

So when my peep was networking on LinkedIN she was introduced to a fellow entrepreneur in one of her groups and was directed to this wag cool pet app. No more scribbles, not more texting, just a simple and clean app that she can share with my dog walker.

How it works

TaskIt-Pets connects pet owners with Caregivers for better pet care. Never again worry that important pet care tasks. It’s a perfect way to connect with your dog walker, pet sitter, or even yourself.

TaskIt-Pets alerts you and your caregiver each time there’s a pet care task that needs action. Once the tasks are completed, Task it-Pets records them & automatically notifies you, the pet owner. TaskIt-Pets is a 21st century tool for 21st century pet care right on your iPhone or iPad. (soon for Android)

taskit pet app for petsitters

What can Taskit-Pets do for you?

  • Remember all the tasks that need remembering.
  • Remind – yourself or others.
  • Relay – whether at home or when you’re away and get reminders and completion notices.
  • Record – no more having to remember if you gave your dog his meds or other important tasks like a vet visit.
  • Reward! – when it’s time to tip your pet sitter,  just view, print or email the report of each caregivers work.

Check it out

website: Taskit Pets

Download From Itunes: Taskit Pet App