Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe And Comfortable When on Vacation

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With the summer travel season upon us, Holcombe Organics, creators of FurRefresh, are working hard to keep their pets safe and are able to provide tips for those summer vacations. Holcombe Organics has 25 years of experience in taking care of hundreds of animals saved from shelters and from abuse and/or neglect. Close contact with many adopters who travel with their dogs has emphasized that there are obvious mistakes made that result in injury or loss of their pets. Pet owners can be careless and wrongfully assume they know their dogs well enough to predict behavior in unfamiliar territory.

The first mistake is not putting the dog on a leash in a new and strange environment. The dog is likely nervous and excited, and an unusual noise or unfamiliar activity can cause him to bolt. Owners often assume the dog will obey and behave as usual off leash. Until he is comfortable with his surroundings and no longer nervous, he should be kept on a leash.

The second mistake is to let the dog wander out of sight during walks in parks and on trails. The dog is in unfamiliar territory where he can explore, chase an animal or scent, and soon be a good distance away. When he is out of view he might not hear a call and because he doesn’t know how to locate his owner, he could easily be lost. Many dogs are abandoned in parks, having been lost by their owners.

With Summer Travel Season Upon Us, Holcombe Organics Provides Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe And Comfortable When on Vacation (via PRWeb)

Dogs (and cats) should be treated as toddlers with the same level of attention when traveling. Holcombe Organics helps with common mistakes that can lead to a pet’s injury or loss. Happy Traveling  Dogs can be great travel companions, but successful…