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I’m always on the look out for great places online and off, and especially places that are dog friendly. One of my favorite places to paw around in, is Pets Pyjamas. It’s an online destination for all things pets.

Pet Love

Pet Love (Photo credit: dog97209)

Besides having such a cute name, which reminds me of sweet little kittens and puppies running around in fuzzy slippers and stylish jammies having fun with all kinds of toys. But it’s not just the cute name that I like, it’s also a great place to shop for your pets and pet lovers alike with a huge selection of unique products for dogs, cats, and wag cool pet lovers. There really is something for everyone.

You can shop via your pet’s breed, get free shipping on orders over £35,  and you can even collect pet points every time you buy a product or book a service and then use those points to get cool pet products or a trip to the groomers or a weekend stay at a pet friendly boutique hotel.

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Pets Pyjamas Features

I think Pets Pyjamas deserve a sniff around, do a little shopping,  bark around with some social connecting and find great information for stylish pets and their equally stylish owners.

  • Pet Friendly travel: A great selection of top pet friendly hotels, cottages, chalets and camping that you book around the UK.
  • Pet Concierge: Is only a phone call away! Dedicated to helping pet owners with travel plans, including bookings for every kind of accommodation for you and your pet. They will even help you find the perfect gift for your favourite dog lover.
  • Pet Services: Looking for a great dog walker or sitter or perhaps a buzzing cafe that is totally dog friendly? Pet neighbourhood has everything  just a click away, including finding the hottest pet-friendly places, many with exclusive money off deals and offers.
  • Magazine: A great go to source for everything from High-quality articles by vets, nutritionists, trainers and behaviourists. Fun reads on the latest pet fashions, pet friendly spots, and   interviews with celebrities and top names in the worlds of fashion, style, and pets.

On your next walk on the interwebs, why not check out what Pet Pyjamas has to offer? You might just pick up something really cool for your favourite pet, or find out about the new dog friendly pub!

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Location: London, UK
Ring, ring: Pet Concierge 0845 154 2104