I just packed 2 Kg of Pure Pet Food in my Wag N Go! [Review]

pure pet food cover review

As you all know, I’m a home cooking type of dog, and I usually like my meals made in my kitchen and added to my favorite kibble. It’s a perfect blend of fresh whole ingredients and a nice healthy crunch. Not to sound too fussy, I also like it warmed up too!

But I’m also a travelling dog, and sometimes, packing up enough food for me can fill up my paw-bag fast and this year we’re planning on zooming around France and Switzerland so I’m going to need supplies for a week. That’s about seven cups of dry dog food and seven cups of my peep’s home cooking. Woof, both of my storage containers will be totally full of meals to go. Fine with me, I’m packed up and ready to go….

pure pet food review

However A few weeks ago my peep was contacted by Pure Pet Foods and they had a chat about me being a dog on the go and the need to bring enough food while I’m out and about. They thought Pure Pet Food would be the perfect food to go with our bag, due to how compact their food can be and how easy it is to transport. Considering their new naturally dehydrated food has all the same wholesome goodness that my peep uses in my food we thought it was a good idea too!

First of all its made with real food that dogs crave and has a healthy blend of ingredients:

  • Simply washed and chopped fresh fruit and veggies
  • Fresh chicken or duck
  • All human grade ingredients
  • Added vitamin and minerals providing nutrients essential to healthy bones, blood and overall development.
  • All the benefits of home cooked dog food

Better and even more important is that Pure Pet foods contain no rendered meats or derivatives, no wheat, corn or soya, colours, taste enhancers, sweeteners or any other nasty bits that you can’t pronounce.

About Pure Pet Food

Pure Pet food is made right here in the U.K by Mat and Dan, two wagging lads that grew up on a small farm in Yorkshire. Now you know these two must of had some loving and clever dogs who posed the question….Why would you feed your best friend something you wouldn’t eat yourself?

And I couldn’t agree more, how many times have you gone into a restaurant and asked a waiter for the meat-by-product special when you’re out for dinner?

Anyhow, back to the story of Pure Pet Food…Mat and Dan came up with an idea to remove the moisture from the food using a gentle method called dehydration, making the food last, whilst preserving the natural goodness of the ingredients at the same time. They developed their recipes and had friends and family pets try them out.

The result was that Pure foods not only looked and smelled like real food, but they made it easy for owners to feed their dogs a meal with the same level of nutrients and goodness found in raw and homemade foods, whilst taking away the inconvenience, health risks and costs that this way of feeding can bring.

This process makes Pure Pet food around four times more dense in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and with almost 300% more protein than you would find in fresh meat.

Check out their Wag N’ Pure Video

Remember…whenever you are changing your dog’s diet its important that you do it gradually. The best way is by adding the new food a bit at a time to the old food. Gradually increase the amount to 100% over a course of a week.

Pure Pet Food Review

So after peep check them out she was more than happy to let me have a taste test and was happy try their Chicken Dinner.

Pure foods told my peep that once she adds some water their dog food will smell and taste like a fresh homemade meal. Now I love my peep’s cooking and I can get quiet sniffy about canned dog food, so I said….”bring it on”

Okay, first thing I did was have my peep prepare my dinner, and tell me how it was like.

the smell of pure pet food

She started off with a sniff, to see what it smelled like and I asked her what she thought…

It smells fresh, and it reminds me of chicken soup.

I could of told her that, I noticed right away when she unzipped the pouch that there was something tasty inside, I could smell it too! However we all know the proof is in the taste, so get cooking!

how to use pure pet foodAfter reading the feeding guide on the back of the package, my peep decided that I would need about 80g, which is good for an 11 kg dog like myself.

Following the simple steps of scooping out the amount that’s good for your dog into their bowl. (They even give you a little scoop to use.)

Add hot water from the tap, for us that was 120 ml, which made it thick and chunky. We also tried it once with my kibble, and added extra water to make it more of a gravy (and that was tasty too!)

Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and yes it did drive me crazy! I’m a busy dog, and I want to see and taste it now! Woof, I have a review to eat write!

After it sat for a while, my peep gave it another stir and watched it come to life! The texture totally changed and it became chunky and you could see pieces of chicken and little pieces of vegetables in the mix.

pure dog food ready to eat

Taste Test…

Okay I couldn’t wait and had to try it via the spoon! pure dog food spoon test
Yes, I was really that excited, I really wanted to know what was going on in my travel bowl, both myself and peep thought it smelled really good, and I was nervous that she might take a bite. Which she could due to its made with human grade food, but don’t tell your peep that, because they may just do that!

I’m a dog of little words, most dogs are, we like to express ourselves through our actions and desires. So I thought the very best way to express my view was to show you what I thought about Pure Pet Food.

Oh yes it was that good, I loved it and it’s going to be our new food when we’re on the road. Our sample pack of 500g made 2 kg of food, which is just amazing. It’s simple to prepare anywhere you have access to water. It’s made with real good ingredients and a breeze to transport. I’d highly recommend it for:

  • Going on vacation.
  • On your next camping trip.
  • Keep at home as an extra option, perfect for the days when your peep doesn’t feel like cooking.
  • Pack it up in your Wag N Go bag when your off to the pet sitter or doggie daycare.

pure dog food good


Check them out

Website: Pure Pet Food


Twitter @purepetfood

Location: United Kingdom

Ring, Ring: 020 3326 2970
Love notes: hello@purepetfood.co.uk

You can purchase a taster of 60g for under £2 o

Larger bags from 500g, 2kg, 4kg that makes over 2kg, 8kg, 16kg (£9.99 to £49.99)

Disclaimer: We would like to thank Pure Pet Food for letting us review their Chicken dinner for this post. All comments, views and options are strictly our own.