Think Like Your DOG – And Enjoy The Reward [Review]

think like a dog book review
The fact is dogs, by their nature, are rather uncomfortable until they have sorted out where they stand in a social hierarchy, whether it is a society of canines or of canines and people. When all the sorting is finished, you may emerge as the leader. If you do not, your dog will, by default, because it is hard-wired to do so. …
I love sunny weekends, it’s a time that I get to spend with my peep enjoying the weather and having fun outdoors. One of the things we usually do is pack up my Wag N Go bag, head out to one of the great green areas of London, grab a little spot for us after a nice long walk and enjoy the scenery. My peep likes to bring along her tablet and catch up on summer reads.

For the last couple of weeks she’s been reading Think like your dog and enjoy the rewards by Dianna Young. Now that sounds like a very clever title, and I assumed that once my peep finished reading it, her understanding of eating treats all day, chasing squirrels and snoozing the day away on the sofa is the way to experience life. I couldn’t wait until she finished the book and headed to the treat jar and start thinking just like me.

But the book is not about acting like  “it’s a dog’s life”, but how to understand how dogs think. Any book that can help explain to peeps that dogs do think differently and how with a little training on your part, you can enjoy a wonderful connection with your dog.

About The Book

Think like your Dog takes you through every important step in opening your life to the joy of canine companionship:how to think like a dog

  •  Choosing a companion dog wisely
  •  Preparing your home for your dog’s arrival
  • Bringing your new puppy or new adult dog home for the first time
  • Socialization & training from basic through advance.
  • Common mistakes with dogs and how to avoid them
  • Solve problems with difficult dogs.

Dianna Young is a trainer with decades of successful experience. And her book Think Like Your Dog tells you what works, why it works, and how to make it work for you.

My Thoughts

Well I’ve never seen my peep so engaged in a book about dog training. In fact she finds most training books a little boring or too complicated to start using on me. What she loved about the book was that besides being informative, it shared lots of stories of other dog owners that my peep could relate to and connect with the solutions that were told.

Let me tell you, she was nodding her head, smiling and doing Ohhhhh…. “I get it” all throughout the book.

The book is written for peeps, just like mine and I’m sure it’s also in any dog trainer’s library. My peep is a great owner, but she’s not a professional dog trainer, what she is, is a person who wants to do the best for me, as simple as that. What this book taught her was what is inside my head, and how we both have a role to play. It’s about every dog is unique and there is always a solution to give, what dogs need and how to achieve it!

I’d say this book is for anyone who wants to gain insight about the relationship between “man and dog” and a must for any first time pet owner. I know my peep loved it and now uses it as her go-to reference book.

Check It Out

Website: Think Like A Dog

Author: Dianna M. Young with Robert H. Mottram

 Get it here: Amazon USA or Amazon UK