Top 5 Pet Friendly Hotels In Turkey

dog friendly hotels turkey

Did you know that no only is Turkey a vast and varied country boasting incredible landscapes and natural wonders but it’s bordered by four different seas. The country boasts an incredibly varied landscape that can cater for almost every kind of activity you could think of, Turkey has it all ­ from relaxing on the beach or a family holiday soaking up the culture and landscape. With beautiful historic settings to action-packed activity holidays amid stunning scenery, this could be an excellent place to explore with your favorite travelling pooch.

So, are there any dog friendly places in Turkey? The answer is yes! Many places in Turkey are pet friendly; especially since the country adopted the EU regulations with regard to pets. Below are some of the areas where dogs are welcome.

Pet Friendly Hotels In Turkey

Sonne Otel, Kas

If you are in thekas dog friendly hotel, then Sonne Otel may be the place for you to stay especially if you have pets. The hotel is also close to town and has all the great conveniences that you will be looking for. The hotel is also close to the sea, which means that both you and your dog get to enjoy the sea views. You can also both walk to the water and cool down if you feel like it. Your pet can stay in the balcony to avoid boredom. When you both need to take a walk, then the nearby food stalls and markets will offer you plenty to enjoy.

Vogue Avantgarde Hotel, Goynuk

You should consider stopping by Vogue Avantgarde Hotel if you have your family dog with you. The hotel is priced fairly and quite close to the beach. This means that you can take your dog for a swim whenever you feel like it. In addition, the hotel has villas, which allow you to stay with your whole family including your beloved dog. You should therefore consider this pet friendly hotel whenever you are in Goynuk, Turkey.

Kempinski Hotel the Dome, Belek

belek TurkeyKempinski Hotel the Dome is a pet friendly hotel in Belek. You will have access to large and spacious rooms, which means that your dog does not have to go crazy. The food is great, the sea views are spectacular, and the service is excellent. When you get tired of staying in your room, there is always the beach and the sea. Your dog will sure appreciate cooling down and so would you!

Mersin HiltonSA, Mersin

The Hilton hotels are well known for their lavish accommodations and amenities. The Mersin HiltonSA in Mersin is not any different. If you are looking for a five star hotel with high-class facilities for both you and your dog, then this may be the hotel for you. The pet friendly hotel is priced fairly and in a great location. You and your dog will have access to all the interesting locations in Mersin without many problems. There is always the nearby sea and the pool for cooling down. You can also enjoy the sea views from your hotel room if you are too tired to get out for a walk to the beach.

Adrasan River Hotel, AdrasanAdrasan, Turkey

The Adrasan River Hotel is a wonderful experience for anyone looking for a pet friendly place for the family dog. You should consider the hotel if you want a more quiet place for you and your pet. You would both benefit from the change in pace. The river views are great. You will also have access to wonderful walking and hiking trails for you and your dog, which should be a great way to burn all the great food you will eat while there.
Just grab your Turkey Visa and enjoy the best ever experience of traveling with your pooch. With such great places to stay with your pets, you do not have to leave the beloved family dog behind.


Please check with DEFRA and the UK Pet travel Scheme before travelling with your dog to Turkey. If you are re-entering the UK from an unlisted country with an EU pet passport:

Pets travelling to an unlisted non-EU country that have been identified, microchipped and blood sampled 30 days after vaccination demonstrating a positive titration result before leaving the UK (or another EU country) may re-enter the UK without having to meet the three month waiting period. The vaccination, blood sample and positive titration result must be recorded on the pet passport.