1, 2, 3, Little Summertime Videos Of Me

movie making

Awww…. There is nothing better than getting a sweet surprise while checking out your email. It is so much better that all the spam that I need to delete.  Geez, all those people from Nigeria are always wanting to send me loads of money, but as dog, I don’t even have a bank account.

Anyhow, I joined  Stupeflix  a couple of years ago and have used there services to make some of my videos. They have different types of layouts, you can also add music, captions and titles too.  Its super easy to use and then share them via Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

One of the things they also like to do is called The Video Assistant, And with my busy beagle schedule, it sure is nice to know you have an assistant helping you with making little movies.

The Video Assistant is a free service Stupeflix offers to its users. If you connect your Facebook account and activate the assistant, it will start making videos for you.

The Video Assistant will make a little movie when:

  • new photos are added to your Facebook photo albums
  • to show you the photos posted by your friends during last week
  • to remind you what was happening a year ago.

Then they will send you an email when it’s ready, for you to view and share if you like. You don’t’ have to a thing, it does it all for you.

That was how these little gems from my Photos on my  Facebook page . This time they made some videos of me over the last few summers. It’s just so nice to see all things I was up to over the last few years and these little snippets are from July in 2010, 2012 and 2013, hope you enjoy them!





Hope you liked them! Check out Stupeflix to make your own little memories and subscribe to my You Tube Channel for a little beagle fun.