Pet Insurance & Dog Travel Tips = A Happy Dog

pet travel insurance and tips in car

There is nothing better that taking a holiday with your dog, I promise you, you’ll see a whole new wagging view of the world. It’s also a great time to bond with your pet and we dogs are willing travellers as long as our two-legged companions know what to expect and are prepared.

Now if your thinking about taking your dog on a road trip or family vacation, it’s best to start early while they’re still pups, especially with car travel. Nothing is worse, when a dog only thinks a road trip is a trip to the vet, so make sure you drive us around to fun places to explore so that we know getting in the car is going to be an adventure.

dog travel insurance

Today if you’re considering holidaying with your dog, there are many dog-friendly accommodation  to suit every taste and budget.  There’s doggie spa holidays and dog training holidays where you can enjoy canine activities and sports with other dog lovers. Great hotels, villas, cabins, ski lodges and even flats that welcome your pet with open paws.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad with your dog, you will need to consider pet passports, vaccinations and rules of travel abroad….Check out The Pet Travel Scheme

It’s not hard to pack up your dog for a vacation, it’s just simple planning and making sure that your dog is packed with their doggie essentials.

Dog travel checklist

  • Take a water bowl and enough water to last the journey. Dogs lose a considerable amount of body water through panting, so it is essential to offer fresh water frequently.
  • Pack plenty of poo-bags for when your dog needs to do what a dog needs to do. Cleaning up after your dog is a part of responsible dog ownership.
  • Don’t forget to arrange for your dog’s comfort and safety during the stay at your final destination. Make sure your destination is dog-friendly and if you are staying at friends or family, check ahead about toilet facilities for your dog and the presence of other pets, which might affect your dog’s behaviour.
  • Secure seating. Accidents do happen, so make sure to decrease those chances of distractions by keeping your pet in a carrier or a proper car seat or restraint.

When we’re getting ready for a trip, my peep always packs my favourite food, treats, toys, passport and pet insurance papers…

dog travel insurance

  • Make sure you abide by the rules of the place your are visiting. This includes keeping your dog on lead where required, and making sure you dog is on it’s best behaviour when exploring the sites or visiting the local dog friendly restaurant.
  • Get Pet travel insurance or add to your current policy. Once in place, pet insurance will cover your four-legged friend for illness, accident and emergency veterinary treatment while away, just as it does at home. There could also be additional travel benefits, such as the costs incurred through unexpected quarantine. Make sure you check your pet insurance policy to see if your covered or need to add it to your policy.
  • Bring something from home, such as a sleeping blanket, that can also double as a protection of your accommodation’s furniture.
  • Meals and snacks that your dog eats at home. This is not the time to change your dog’s diet, while away from home.

insure pet essentials bag

Pet Travel Insurance

For an insurer to offer cover abroad your pet will need to be issued with a PETS passport.

pet insurance requirements for travel

But an  insurance policy and PETS passport are not enough to ensure your pet will be covered abroad, so make sure that you check your policy. Usually for a negligible amount added to your existing policy you can add the benefits of pet travel insurance.

A good pet travel insurance policy should include

  • Boarding Kennel fees
  • Holiday cancellation, in case your pet gets sick
  • Quarantine costs
  • Loss of Healthcare Certificate
  • Repeat tick & worming treatment
  • Emergency expenses abroad

So now that you know the ins and outs of travelling with your pet, and also making sure that Fido has a safe and enjoyable time too, why not  check out a beautiful place where you both can explore and enjoy  this holiday season.


Disclaimer: We would like to thank Agros Pet Insurance for sponsoring this post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.