Should I Feed Table Scraps To My Dog?

can dogs eat table scraps

Every single dog owner out there will eventually feed their dog table scraps.  If he doesn’t, someone else will. It’s quite difficult to resist a dog, especially if he is specialized in begging. Guests will leave and your dog may end up eating a lot better than you did. The question is, will this be good for your dog, or not?

A Professional Opinion

Most of the veterinarians have a specific opinion about feeding table scraps to pets. Most of them will tell you that you need to avoid doing this since it is a bad idea for the dog’s diet.

When dog food is purchased, you are sure that what you buy will be properly adjusted for your dog’s digestive system. It will keep your pet in really good health and it’s formulated to your dogs nutritional needs. Human food is not actually adjusted for this and it will not offer proper nutrients or vitamins. Almost all people from My Pawson have the same belief.

food scraps for dogs

Another Side Of This Argument

It can be really hard to resist offering  table scraps as treats to dogs from time to time. Also  many treats you end up buying from the pet store may not be good for your dog as well. Think about the way in which you feed yourself. You will pretty quickly realize that absolutely all people in the world will break their own dietary rules. Some will take an extra piece of chocolate cake while others will take a bag of chips and devour it before they get home. Dogs will naturally want to break the rules as well and nobody can blame you if you offer table scraps to them once in awhile.

Moderation Counts

Humans are constantly told about the importance of moderation. This is something that also applies to dogs. Food prepared for people is not good for dogs and should never be more than 10% of their diet.  In addition, it is very important that you vary the type of food that is given to your dog. Vegetables, fruits, grains and pasta are healthy choices for dogs to have as a treat in most cases.  Simple grilled Meats can be utilized as  a training tool in order to teach dogs basic commands. Dogs are much more motivated to simply sit when they would receive a little piece of steak as a bonus.

avoid table scraps for dogs

Avoid This!

Some food types should never be given to dogs, no matter how much they beg. This includes:

  • Onions
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Raisins

Really small table scrap quantities are not going to hurt your dog but if you give out large amounts of people prepared food, it can cause health problems and in some cases  can even cause death of the dog. If you see that your dog  has consumed food that is dangerous for him, you should immediately call the vet for advice or visit.  Also avoid any fatty foods or greasy foods in table scraps for your dog, for the exact same reason why you should avoid them in your own diet.

Dogs are definitely outstanding companions for all, but to keep them healthy you have to resist this urge to share your food with them. It will be tough but you can definitely do it.