Yes You’re Right, I’m a spoiled Dog But Here’s Why

spoiled dog cover

One of things that my peep likes about me having a blog is all the wonderful pet lovers she meets from all over the world. They have been really supportive about our blog and our products, really knowledgeable about pet care, funny and passionate about all things dogs. They’re an amazing pack and it’s so good to see them wagging their views.

spoiled dog acts

However the best thing she loves is when they comment on our website and even better when they give a really good tip or advice, which made my peep realize that I have:

ripped up dog toys

  • No regard or respect for my toys
  • I think my dog beds are perfect un-stuffed
  • I expect and endless supply of treats

I confess, I’m a spoiled dog

Or am I? I mean really, is it my fault, that my peep is a pushover? Okay, I might have 3 dog beds, one in the living room, garden and bedroom, and this does not include my crate. I have a dedicated cupboard full of treats, plus a basket on the kitchen counter for easy access. 3 collars, (one fancy), and 3 leads, another basket full of doggie essentials, like blankets, clippers, brushes, poo-bags, and what nots. I have a water bowl indoors and out, and a stack of extra dog bowls on top of the fridge and let’s not forget I have my own Wag N Go travel bag when I’m out and about.

spoiled dog toys

My behavior?

I’ve been known to kick my bowl to try to get an extra meal, I’ve kicked my peep in the middle of the night, when I want to get under the covers. I’ll even kick our house guests for attention or belly rub.

I have stolen

  • Chicken from a couple at the beach.
  • Steak off of my peeps friend’s dish while he was dining at our house.
  • I have gone into strangers handbags to find something to chew on.
  • I bully the staff at my peep’s local so that they will sneak me a piece of Parma ham.
  • I like to jump on people and ruin their stockings or pants with my muddy paws.

So you can see I’m a little out of control and spoiled out of my beagle mind.

This is when my peep got this very clever comment from Dawn at Pet Auto Safety, when she read our post about Dog Essentials- A Doggie Check List

I love that term, ‘cupboard love’. When you give your dog treats too much, it becomes an expectation rather than a reward. I’ve found it slightly similar with toys. If I keep all the toys out all the time, Maya and Pierson get bored with them. I keep most of the toys put up and only have one or two out at a time. When I see they are no longer playing with it, I get an old toy from their stash and switch it out. The old toy is like a brand new toy because they haven’t seen it in so long.

It’s not my fault that you let me train you! As a dog owner, your a pushover…

Dawn’s comment really got her thinking about how she was training me.  If dogs could we’d rule the house and have you at our beck and call for play times, food and belly rubs, now that would be a dog’s life! We don’t understand unless you tell us what’s good behavior and what’s not acceptable.
It’s up to you to reward us when we do something you like or teach us that it’s not acceptable jump up on people.


To see results in changing a dog’s naughty habits, you’ll need to exercise patience, consistency and a respect for doggie nature. It’s a matter of behavior modification. Dogs need a good reason from their owner to engage in a behavior that goes against its instincts.

Dog owners need to view training their dogs as an opportunity, not a chore, and be consistent.

To modify a dog’s behavior, is common sense, its working together to find a solution and resolve the bad behaviour.  You have to work together to meet each others needs. It is as simple as that!

So besides Dawn’s excellent tip about my treats and toy box, being put away and out of sight, my peep also wanted to break some of my other bad habits that I picked up over the last few years.

  • She started using specifics to let me know that’s she pleased or displeased with my behavior. Cheerful voice = pleased, Flat voice = displeased.
  • Treats now come in three sizes and flavours.  A little treat for a just a small request, a medium treat for something I need remembering and a really tasty treat for a new behavior, like not jumping up on people. (By doing this, you reinforce behavior with a treat that is compensatory to what the dog has accomplished.) In other words, no treats for “just because”
  • She’s being consistent and patient. In the past she would try this out for a week or two and then relax back into her “Maggie No” routine, which is very confusing to us dogs. Now I know what to expect and what the simple word “No” means.

Whew, I really do want to be a good dog, because I know just how lucky I am for my wonderful forever home.  So now that my peep is back in charge, I feel that I can really become a well mannered beagle again! So thank you readers for all your excellent comments, they really do mean a lot to us.

Do you know a spoiled dog? If so tell me what they did!