We’re Wild About Wildwash Dog Shampoo Naturally

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Last Friday I had an excellent walk in the commons, it was sunny and hot, but luckily there were a few muddy puddles and a smelly pond two dogs before hitting a wildwash bathwhere I could cool my paws and I have to tell you I just love, love, love mud. Besides romping around in the mud I also met a great lab and we chased each other all over the fields for the rest of the walk.  And whew was I a tired pup when I finally got back home; I was hot, grubby, smelly and feeling very smug, with myself. To start the weekend off right, I was ready to laze around the garden for the rest of day.

While snoozing I noticed my peep was gathering things and setting up a little station on one side of the garden. She first got a big bucket and started to fill it with water, next she grab this bottle called Wildwash and a couple of towels. Funny enough my peep wanted to start off the weekend with a clean smelling dog.

wildwash shampoo and mud

Oh my goodness, I knew exactly what was going on…She was going to bath me right here in the garden! You see, she usually bath’s me upstairs, in the tub, but considering the weather was so hot, she thought it would be a great idea to give me a cool bath right here and right now! She must be out of her mind!

About Wildwash

Wildwash is an all natural skin and coat product line, PH-balanced  for pets. Besides making a variety of shampoos, they also make a conditioner, detangler, and fragrances for dogs, cats and horses too. All of the products are made by hand right here in the UK, using human grade ingredients and basing their shampoos with a soybean oil that helps condition your fur and is also an anti-irritant to your skin.

I was lucky (lucky?) or I should say my peep was lucky enough to try Wildwash dog shampoo for my bath. Considering she is not a fan of cheap perfume smelling shampoos, and you know just how they smell, yuck. She was quiet pleased to give me a scrub with their deep cleaning & deodorising shampoo, made with essential oils of peppermint, rosemary and lemongrass. Besides the clean smelling essential oils, the shampoo also contained:

Neem: Neem fights dandruff and calms skin problems, leaving a clean, shiny, lush coat, whilst being an efficient natural deterrent against fleas, mites, ticks and mange.  It is also antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic so helps protect against free radicals and environmental carcinogens. It also it is anti inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial .

Sea Kelp: one of the most nutrient dense vegetables on the planet and provides a huge array of vitamins and minerals. It contains the complete complex of B vitamins essential to promote health and encourage cell growth and division, which is important to new hair growth.  It also contains Magnesium and Iodine and introduces Zinc directly to the hair follicle where proteins are made, to ensure the on-going formation of new hair.

Aloe Vera:  Which nourishes skin and promotes cell regeneration whilst softening, healing and repairing. It has anti-irritating and antiseptic qualities and soothes and calms distressed skin.

She liked the ingredients so much that I overheard her telling her friends that she wanted to try it herself. Which in my opinion sounded like a great idea, better her than me! Anyhow, that was not the plan and I did get a cool and refreshing bath.

wildwash dog bath


What I thought?

Please excuse the expression, but hey it’s not like Wildwash is a tasty dog treat, it’s a bath I’m getting and well, I’m just not a fan of it and would really like to review some treats instead.

However a dog has to do what a dog needs to do, and truthfully I do enjoy being freshly scrubbed. We dogs like feeling and looking good, and there is nothing better after the mad dash out of the tub, running around and feeling fresh, so I got ready to get soaked and try the Wildwash dog shampoo.

How did it smell?

Well it smelled fresh like herbs meets a squeaky spring day.

How did I feel?

Well after zooming around the house, trying to escape the towel and rubbing my body all over the sofa, chair and even a bounce on the bed, I waited until I dried off and did the people test.

The people test…

My peep put on my fancy collar and we headed on over to my friends restaurant and sat nicely to see if they noticed anything new about me. Guess what they did, they called me “fluffy dog”, and said I looked shiny and new! I also got a lot of pats, due to my fur was all soft. Now I liked that a lot and so did my peep. It’s really nice to be noticed when you’ve spruced up!

What my peep had to say…

A dog’s skin and coat responds better when natural products are used, just like human skin and hair, you’re not going to use something that has the same ingredients as a car washing product. Shampoo’s packed full of chemicals makes my skin itch  making it dry and my hair looks dull. It would be just the same for a dog, and no one likes an itchy dog, Maggie is all natural, and that’s what I like to use on her too.

What she liked was that they didn’t use

  • Perfume
  • Synthetically made essential oils
  • Parabens, Phthalates, Phosphates, Petrochemicals, Sulfates or PEG’s.

Trust me, she knows, she use to make her own soaps and showers gels for her company that promoted clean living and natural ingredients. So when she read the ingredients on the bottle, she knew that Wildwash dog shampoo was made with good stuff. Now it might be a little more expensive that some other doggie shampoos but if you want quality, you have to spend that little bit extra. So if your going to have to have a bath, I’d recommend getting Wildwash dog shampoo  it’s natural and formulated for our skin and fur.

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